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  1. I am installing a digital video recorder inside a vehicle, the digital video recorder is fine and the type of cameras are great but I have a slight problem. Basically there are going to be a number of cameras installed on the vehicle, these take up all 8 connections. After a meeting I had last week there are a few other areas that need to be covered. But not necessarily at the same time so I can still have the 8 video in connections I don't need anymore. but they would like to disconnect and reconnect the cameras depending on what they want to record. A better solution would be to have a BNC switch that I can connect both cameras to this way when they want to change the camera they can just flick a switch. But I'm having trouble finding them, an ideas?? Preferably I wuold like the switch to be manual, this way I won't need to find a power supply.
  2. se99paj

    Vehicle CCTV system

    I have found a digital video recorder that should do the job its available from DVRExtreme, I am looking at ways to setup the DVR before the vehicle goes on trials and was hoping you guys could provide some advice. I was looking at just having a small battery powered monitor, like the ones used to review analogue tapes. This wuold mean not having to mess around with the power management of the vehicle. Have you guys come across anything like that?? Another option is to use a laptop that I can take into the vehicle and setup the DVR remotely, I could also use this for transferring data as well. Any ideas??
  3. se99paj

    Vehicle CCTV system

    Guys, I am still waiting for some companies to get back to me concerning the vibration and sock specifications for the Mobile DVR's, but am currently looking at other options in case none of them can meet the requirements. The other solution that I have is using an IP network, I have been researching rugged laptops, and they can take quite a beating, I was also going to attach a 4tress rugged hard drive with 80GB of space. This solution will be easy to setup, I'm assuming all I would need to do is connect the cameras to a hub/switch as well as the laptop. I know you guys said to stay away from a windows based solution but I don't have many options. What software would you guys recommend, or is this a very bad idea??
  4. se99paj

    Vehicle CCTV system

    Thanks for the information guys, I have one other peoblem that I guess I should have mentioned, this system will be isntalled on a military vehilce in the UK, therefore I can only purchase a product if they are based in the UK or have an representative in the UK. I have contacted March Networks and they are comparing the vibration and shocks capabilities of the DVR to the requirements for the vehicle. I am interested in any other comapnies that have mobile DVR's but preferably only if they can be contacted through the UK. I am a little worried about getting the right camera, I don't know whether it would be better to order a load of different cameras and try them out, or maybe after purchasing the DVR I could visit a load of companies and view test the cameras on with the DVR. What kind of connectors are used on bullet cameras and would there be any problems when connecting them to a mobile DVR.
  5. se99paj

    Vehicle CCTV system

    Hey guys, I have an interesting challenge for you guys. I have been given a small task to install a video system on a prototype tracked vehicle. The system needs to record from about 4 cameras mounted on the interior. We will move onto them in a minute, for the moment I am looking at how to record the video. I need the best quality with high frame rates and preferably a decent capture resolution so that the video footage can be easily seen. The biggest problem I have is shock & vibration, this is not your everyday vehicle, so I need a tough system that can take a pounding and still record efficiently at teh same time. I have a list of shock and vibration tests that the system must be tested to but for now I won't bore you with the details. I have contacted March Networks concerning their 5308 mobile DVR, there are some other companies that I'm looking at though. Now back to the cameras, I am completely new to cameras so don't know the best way forward. I would prefer to have small bullet cameras installed as they will take up a small amount of space but I'm concerned about the lack of features on these models. The cameras will not be affected to much by vibration and shock so that is not a problem, I am worried about a few things though. The interior is very small therefore the cameras will be close to the passengers, is there a minimum distance that the cameras need to be before a clear picture can be recorded. I am also concerned about the viewing angle of the cameras are their different types do these cameras come with a zoom and focus feature. I am also tempted by the day/night feature on some of these cameras the interior of the vehicle will usually be well lit, but there may be times when the interior will not be illuminated therefore it could be useful to ahve a night feature. Is there anything I should keep in mind about building this system??