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  1. milkisbad

    Lost admin password for LTD8316T-FA

    The reset code is based on the Date so it is different everyday. PM me if you need still need to reset the pw for it lol i just found this thread from googling.
  2. wired Xbox 360 controller works too with USB.
  3. milkisbad

    How I wish I spoke Chinese

    Are you serious confuscious? Its a software disk and not a fortune cookie I have managed to get the mobile app and had it working by QR coding the APPLE ios link and typing the same name into google play and found it that way and there is a web interface but now just looking to find the client software. Haven't got screenshots as the DVRs firmware is in English. I haven't got the CD with me here it's at the client's home. haha if you put the software as a zip and pm me a dropbox link i will install it on my side.
  4. milkisbad

    How I wish I spoke Chinese

    I can read Chinese if you post some screenshots I'll see what it says.
  5. milkisbad

    CCTV book

    This one is good, i read the previous edition (2010) though and not the 2014 edition. http://www.amazon.com/Digital-Video-Surveillance-Security-Second/dp/0124200427/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1424313863&sr=8-2&keywords=cctv+book I read this one too but now its kind of outdated, still good foundational stuff. http://www.amazon.com/Intelligent-Network-Video-Understanding-Surveillance/dp/1420061569/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1424314060&sr=8-1&keywords=intelligent+network+video Books will give you a good background but for specific knowledge the forums are a good source as well as technical section from specific vendors' website.
  6. I wish thewireguys buys from me lol he would be a huge account in our company.
  7. I would look at some sample pictures first~ I would say 720P IP camera looks better than 720P CVI cameras but CVI is way cheaper.
  8. 2nd one is better, its Dahua HD CVI. (720P) but looks like the old version of CVI (maybe that's why its so cheap). New version of CVI can record 1080P.
  9. milkisbad

    tvt dvr debug

    for tvt there's a password to go to the backdoor menu which you can change the logos and language (not sure about debug) are you talking about that? lol numb-nuts.
  10. milkisbad

    Best budget cctv camera?

    I would not go anything below 700 TVL in this day and age.
  11. Doesn't look THAT bad...maybe need an ir illuminator on camera 3. Since you have RG59 now, it gives you an easy upgrade to HD TVI or HD CVI. just swap out the camera and DVR.
  12. milkisbad

    $40k+ for a camera system?

    I would just be careful mixing Fisheyes with that Exacq NVR even if its top of the line...especially with 10 of them, have your installer ever tested this ? Does it de-warp the image after recording or are you just recording a 360 degree view?
  13. milkisbad

    HD-TVI test monitor???

    Set up DVR on the router in local network Connect phone to router in local network using wifi use phone app to connect to DVR and use as test monitor. Wait for HD TVI test monitor...
  14. milkisbad

    wireless hd-cvi ?

    Best alternative is get hybrid HD CVI system (if they make one) that can do 1-2 ch IP+ 8ch CVI. then use IP camera on the garage with wireless radios like those from ubiquilti . HD TVI has those kinds of hybrid system not sure about CVI.
  15. milkisbad

    How to adjust Hikvision 2332 lens position?

    Yes use a VERY light touch to unscrew the trim ring (it won't come off the harder you twist) then there's a screw that holds the camera in place, once you loosen that screw you can move the eyeball around.