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  1. sodagar


    THANX. I got it. Now I am viewing on windows 7. Here it is what I did for all my friends facing similar problem. Tools --> internet option --> Security -->Trusted Sites --> Click --> All zones to default level -->. close the dialogue box, open the browser, type the IP (internet explorer). Allow to install Active-X and plug-ins when popup bar appears. Will take few seconds. VIDEO IS THERE. Thanks again for reminding me.
  2. Hello Dear friends, can any one advice, My DVR working properly on Windows XP but not with Windows 7. The player appears on the screen without video . True advice will be highly appreciated.
  3. Thanks everybody for suggestiions, can anyone give me the link for NTV
  4. Thanks for advice, but as far as wireless is concern, is there any system that can manage 43 cameras at the same time and can control ptz.
  5. Sorry Guys for a very late reply, as I was busy in the same project.I was asked to do as many visits and develop a system. Now the actual position is, there are 43 cameras to be installed, out of which 23 are speed domes of various zooms, 10 static and 10 panning. The length is less than 3KM, It is difficult to put a line amp in between cables, is RG11 suitable for video and cat 6 as ptz controller cable.
  6. Sorry guys for late reply as I was out of the country for a project. The approximate distance of cable from the camera to dvr is bitween 2 to 3 kilometers.
  7. Thanks for the suggession, I don't think I'll be able to get jell filled cat5e cable,and 900Mhz transciever from the market, if I use cat6 cable for both will it work.
  8. Hi every one, I have a project where almost 18 cameras are to be installed .9 of them are speed domes and rest are static, for each camera 3to 4 kilometers of cable will be recquired (from camera to Dvr). It is not possible to put any line amplifier in between the cables to boost the signals. Which cables will be suitable for such lengths, (video cable, cable for PTZ keyboard cotroller,and power cable 12v dc.)Suggestions will be highly appreciated.
  9. sodagar

    grainy picture with IR Cameras

    You must have few things in mind when you talk about IR camera,(1) the covering angle of IR lights is never the same as that of lense,it mostly covers the centre part of the screen,the left out area will be snowy or grainy. (2) No. of IR lights and how much powerful they are.(3) IR cameras are not EX-VIEW cameras. If you stood in front of the camera to adjust it, definately the picture will be clear.
  10. sodagar

    Dark Pictures

    Once such thing happened in one of my installation, I checked each and every thing, and found them perfect, then I removed the BNC connector of that perticular camera from the DVR end and pluged in after a few seconds, while the supply of the camera was on, the picture was back to normal again. Try this !!
  11. sodagar

    RG59 extensions

    Soldering protects the connections,as the bare copper oxidises and the contacts will not remain fast in long term.
  12. sodagar

    RG59 BNC Compresion Connectors

    Iam using twist ons and soldring type, both of them are perfect.
  13. Use an active video splitter to distribute the video signal of the camera to your two televisions in the A/V mode,this will give a good quality picture. And there is no need to run a new RG59U cable.Using a BNC T will reduce the quality of the picture.
  14. sodagar

    Time Lapse VCR issue

    Seems to be a cable problem,use another testing cable of good quality , and check the result,and also check the cameras directly to the monitor.If the problem is still there then the out put signal of the camera is not good enough to reach the recorder.
  15. VHS systems are slowly going out of the market, using a 6hrs tape is not good as the tape is so thin that it will not last for long. If your recorder has a feature of long play, then continue with a 3hrs tape that will give 6hrs of recording. If not you can buy another recorder with long play feature,its a cheeper solution as compared to the DVR.