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  1. Hi Is anyone here familiar with THE SMALL DVRs by Qvis? the small 4 x channel DVR ? I have at least 4 x and can't access the menus as no passwords on all the four models! I emailed QVIS and they didn't reply! Typical! i don't want to bin them can you do a hard reset? Adam
  2. Hi is anyone familiar with the Pedator camera from 360Vision emailed them but after a week waiting 3 emails sent they dont want to help me with my 6 x Predator cameras i have they are all on the 360Vision protocol and want to change to Pelco i need a USB Dongle but as the controllers are not easily obtained or the Dongle can anyone help me please? how to make the dongle? or other method to change the protocol to Pelco? thanks adam ?
  3. Thanks Ricky Im not expert but i started thinking that it was something to do with that im guessing that's what is the matter i need a Panasonic controllers as i tried everything all the D and P and 2400-9600 and cross wires etc etc Thanks for your reply as it confirmed what i was thinking may be the problem Adam
  4. Hi I am trying to set up a RS485 Contoller to work with my Samsung spc-100 keyboard. On my Panasonic WVCS574 I snipped the rs485 cable and have the following 5 cables: RED, YELLOW, ORANGE AND GREEN with a brown earth. I have tried numerous ways to get it to work and the cameras dip switches are in a 4 way communication, 1 cctv camera end of line set up, 9600 and is set to id: 01. On the keyboard every time I try and turn the joystick TX flashes on the keyboard. I just want someone to help me and tell me where the coloured wires should go to on the back of the keyboard? ON PANASONIC CCTV: Data Transmission: Red: T (B) Orange: T (A) Data reception: Yellow: R (B) Green: R (A) SAMSUNG SPC-1010 PTZ KEYBOARD Tx1: - + Tx2: - + Tx3: - + TRx: - + Thanks Adam