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  1. very helpfull guys.
  2. ellabbs


    i thought hdtvi/hdcvi/ahd were all analogue. there is a new one out or maybe not so new, EX-SDI the cameras are quite pricey.
  3. does anyone have any advice for me regarding compression codec. is h264 compatible with a h.265 camera or dont i know what im talking about.?
  4. hiya, i have a dvr that uses H.264 compression and i want a dahua ip ptz camera that uses H.265 can this camera be put on my system some stuffs backward compatible is it the same in the cctv world.?
  5. ellabbs

    DVR + Cameras recommendations

    tom cctv, im interested in your rewccomendations on this subject, any reason why you dont put the reccomendations on here for us all to see..? just curious. can you pm me the same please. andy
  6. ellabbs

    £200 camera recording unit

    hi, not sure where to go next, dvr,nvr poe, hdcvi or what, im so confused. whats the best most cost effective system for home cctv. i have a 2mp system at the minute and want to upgrade it, wast thinking of a dhua 8ch nvr4108-hs , i have up to £200 to spend on the unit, all my cameras are 2 mp bnc connections , so will i need to upgrade all the cameras as well. if so so be it ill do it slowly. any advice greatly accepted. .
  7. sorted it guys.. i dropped the camera by accident onto the floor and now everything works fine... so , little tip for you guys who cant get their cameras working , throw it on the floor, works wonders..
  8. hiya, just bought a hikvision DS-2CE56D7T-IT3Z 2mp camera and mated it to a ( stupid named dvr , very embarrasing to even say its name ) ALIEN MEGA HERO 8 CH DVR. it shows a picture on screen but when i remove all light there is no IR function, i have other hikvision cameras and they have 2 small IR lights either side of the lens , which can clearly be seen at night, the new camera shows no such lights at all. i have ir open in the settings and even when i alter settings and use factory setings ( in cameras OSD ) still no ir, am i missing something or is this camera busted, when i try to zoom in with the ptz controll the picture is lost on screen and comes back after 3 seconds like its just been plugged in or turned on. any advice would be greatly appreciated , andy
  9. ellabbs


    Hi, i have just bought an Alien Mega Hero dvr 8 ch, and i can not get along with the software for the pc at all, you can not move the window resize it or maximize it at all, its pants. would there be any other windows pc based software i can use or am i stuck with Aliens, thanks andy
  10. ellabbs

    hikvision and hero

    this is the camera ive just bought http://hikvision.com/en/Products_accessries_659_i5836.html. this is the dvr its connected to http://www.aliendvr.com/megahero/ and i cant get a picture, is the camera compatible to the dvr im lost. its analogue so should work when i plug it in, when i put the 12v 2amp transformer plug into the camera it clicks the a second later clicks again and nothing on the monitor... hope someone can help... do all cameras have the same power polarity ? regards andy
  11. hi, i have a 8 channel dhv connected to 6 outside dome cameras of 700+ tvl i want a better recording of the images the cameras take. as a burglar burgled me at night and looked straight up at one of the cameras to which the poplice said it wasnt a good enough picture quality to secure a conviction. altho i thought it was pretty ok. the dvr was an ok one but now getting a bit long in the tooth and in need of replacing .. i want to keep my cameras as i think there ok and its the dvr which is letting the system down. so whats with dvr nvr nowadays my cameras are wired so i need a wired dvr. my budget is about £200 regards andy
  12. hiya im using fly2dns.net as i have always done except now i cant view anything away from home on my smartphone.. i have the same address ellabbs.fly2dns.net on both dvr and my phone, there is a user and pass on the dvr but io think these were set by the fly2 site as i cant alter it at all, and i have no idea what the password would be as its all asterisks.. never had trouble before.. does anyone know a free ddns server i can use regards andy ps im new to all this so sorry if i am asking something simple..
  13. Hi, i have a 4 camera dedicated system with a viola 4ch dvr, at the minuite im using HYPER ELECTRONICS MAPPER to view it on my pc, is there any good free alternatives i can use instead. got no idea if what im using is good or if there are better programmes out there . thanks andy
  14. ellabbs


    if i change the cables it comes up ok , ( ie ive disturbed the cables and sockets or whatever) then after a while a day ... a week..... it comes back.... is it better buying expensive cables.... i got a 30 meter cable from ebay at £10... its an intermittent problem im having....
  15. I have a viola mbl4 dvr unit with 4 qvis cameras on... 3 of the cameras are fine but one keeps going faulty.... the screen goes black and fuzzy and sort of rolls... the camera is fine not even 6 month old.... if i mess about with the cable and power supply it comes up ok.... but i cant deduce its the cable or power...... ill put a still image of the problem on here.. ( i hope ) ive changed the power supply, and swapped it to cam 2/3/4 and its ok for a bit , then just slowly ends up like in the pic..