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  1. Hello This should work without a problem. Are you using the right protocol when connecting? Have you tried updating the firmware?
  2. dexterash

    dahua dss prob..

    How about the seller of the M30?
  3. Check the GMAIL headers too... I think they "translate" from DST to "UTC/something", meaning no more +something as in here: relay.xx.be with ESMTP; 07 Oct 2016 10:20:37 +0200
  4. 1. Maybe there is a problem with the SMTP server you are using. Tried another? 2. If you check the complete headers of your received e-mail, can you identify date/time problems?
  5. Why does your "date" column in Thunderbird (I Suppose) show an hour?!
  6. Or why people should really secure their CCTV devices. By now, most of the professionals should have heard of these: http://www.wsj.com/articles/hackers-infect-army-of-cameras-dvrs-for-massive-internet-attacks-1475179428 https://krebsonsecurity.com/2016/09/krebsonsecurity-hit-with-record-ddos/ http://arstechnica.com/security/2016/09/botnet-of-145k-cameras-reportedly-deliver-internets-biggest-ddos-ever/ and others. So, how do the users stand? What do the professionals say? How do you think your clients/companies will react? P.S. Bare in mind that DAHUA also OEMs/resells products under different names.
  7. Ok... Since Multicast is connection-less/unmanaged, I doubt you will be able to watch it via SmartPSS (which does management & co). But you would be able to view the streams with 3rd party players that support Multicast. As a side note - or, as a side note to your problem - I also doubt that Multicast will make your client less "stressed" - it's the same amount of video information to decode (actually, I think it's more than the same amount, since the decoding library of DAHUA is already optimized).
  8. Chinese Goverment controls many of the Chinese companies (I wouldn't exclude DAHUA, for example). Should've been ok, if these devices weren't online. But most like/need them online. And, on top of that, users like to P2P their video streams right under chinese goverment's nose. Yet, they talk about privacy and security...
  9. 1. You want to decode 60 FullHD streams? Have you tried watching 60 FullHD videos on Youtube to see what happens? 2. What bitrate? What type of network? Each camera needs ~3-4Mbps * 60 = 200Mbps+. Can your switches/network/PC connection handle that?
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    Is this a request for professional support (up to solutions/integration/customized software etc) or amateur-level support?
  11. dexterash

    Dahua Smart PSS PC-NVR

    So you need a low-bandwidth backup system. Level 2 questions: push or pull? -you could pull all video and record what's needed [from the HCVRs] -you can push to an external storage what's needed [from the HCVRs] I would opt for "push". Did you explore that posibility?
  12. dexterash

    CCTV POE Test Monitors

    Analog video != IP Video. S-VIDEO != YouTube. So... What are you really looking for?
  13. You may be right. Yet, not repeating the same condition, doesn't guarantee it will not happen. A "device reboot" is just that - a reboot. Close to an automatic/unsupervised power down/power up. My opinion is that you will not be very happy with a power reboot hanged in a problem...
  14. Oh, ok! So it doesn't come up at all at power up/power on just only on auto reboot? Meaning, if you set a daily autoreboot every time you will get that error, but if you power cycle it - let's say every hour - it doesn't happen at all?
  15. What camera models and what NVR? 1. Yes, but things might go wrong. Including a hardware failure somewhere. 2. Bare in mind to take into account both streams (main+extra) when computing decoding total.
  16. First of all - what cameras? What protocol do you use? Does the same happen if you network disconnect them / unplug cable? Or in the case of a power outage? 1. PoE not getting back on - are you sure your cables are ok? 2. Overdecoding capability... that's another story, but 1st get to the protocol part. [btw, do you know it's decoding capability (Mbps) and you camera's sum?]
  17. If there is such a thing... Some people don't realize that, if DVR from A works with software S, there is a good chance that DVR from B will NOT work with software S.
  18. Check your FPS settings...
  19. What brand(s) are you using? Can you access directly the cameras when you don't have an image on your NVR any more?
  20. Maybe the issue is here - and the "problems" can also appear on power failure, network disconnection etc. So, what type of problems?
  21. dexterash

    Dahua Smart PSS PC-NVR

    What are you trying to achieve? A backup system?
  22. I suspect a bad config in the Event(s) - as in what to do on triggered events.
  23. 1. Can't you change the IP via ONVIF/client? 2. Some options might appear only if used under Internet Explorer or other compatible browser [but IE is usually a "sure" hit]
  24. The NVR auto-adds any device plugged into PoE ports. Reset the NVR & just plug them, without any other config.
  25. Did you try to discover/add them manually? Just reset the NVR and plug the cameras. No other config should be needed.