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  1. Highly recommend Hikvision brand...
  2. bugeyes

    Best budget cctv camera?

    I would just get a system offer from Costco if you have one nearby...
  3. bugeyes

    Can view DVR on laptop but not on Cell

    same thought here...
  4. this is what I also recommended..
  5. can you contact with Tech from where you buy it from?
  6. bugeyes

    Are these cameras any good?

    the picture quality looks pretty good in the youtube link you posted. How much space does the video take on a hard drive? want to know also....
  7. bugeyes

    new to forum

    hello everyone, new here, like to learn from this website...
  8. is there anything cheaper?
  9. where do you get this in US?
  10. bugeyes

    is this good equipment?

    Have you look at Costco?
  11. I would give people at Nellys Security a call...
  12. I would have the pro to run new cable, it worth it...
  13. bugeyes

    No remote live view (new router)

    Can you call the place where you bought your NVR request some helps?
  14. bugeyes

    Rj45 ends

    All of my connections through ip cameras was using cat5 with flawless result...