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  1. After I bought Dahua equipment, I learned that it is a big problem with the firmware updates. So, I open this topic to be a place where everybody can put Dahua firmware ( I spent many time to search the firmwares for my equipments). Please, fell free to put here what Dahua firmware you have. If somebody need them, can leave a message here. I have firmwares for : Dahua NVR3216-P -> General_NVR3xxx-P_Eng_P_V2.610.0000.2.R.20120919 Dahua IPC-HFW3200C -> General_IPC-HX3XXX_Eng_P_V2.103.0000.0.R.20120724 Dahua IPC-HDB3200C -> General_IPC-HX3XXX_Eng_P_V2.103.0000.0.R.20120724 Dahua IPC-HFW2100 -> General_IPC-HFW2100(HFW3100)_Eng_P_V2.100.0000.9.R.20120621 All are PAL .
  2. Anyone out there have the color code/pinout for the Ethernet port on an IPC-HFW2100 IP camera? The POE Ethernet port for my IP camera is damaged and missing a pin. I want to replace the port with a standard RJ45 keystone jack. If I knew the color code and pinout for the camera I could do this. Can someone please help? Thanks in advance for anyone who can help.
  3. 1) Is there any software as dahua pss alternative ? 2) Is there any possibility to connect synology SurveillanceStation to the Dahua DVR/NVR ? ( on synology SurveillanceStation I can only add cameras , but 4 cameras are connected to the nvr poe ports ). 3) Is any way to add rtsp stream to synology dlna ? ( like in serviio )
  4. what is the most recent firmware for dahua nvr3216-p ? Thanks
  5. no typical POE for Dahua . There are 7 wires and no typical UTP cable colors ....
  6. PM sent with the firmware
  7. Not something friends:)) thanks... new firmware sites-dahua oem company.... http://www.rvi-cctv.ru/download/section.php?SECTION_CODE=Proshivki_DVR http://falconeye.su/uploads/firmware/ http://www.q-see.com/files/firmware/ http://www.mmnt.net/db/0/0/ftp.wintel.fi/drivers/dahua/ Great job teknologs ! I observed on mentioned sites, besides oem firmwares are and original Dahua firmwares
  8. Great idea teknologs ! There are many that sell Dahua cameras branded and they offer the firmwares on their web sites. You have to identify your camera and download the latest firmware . http://www.q-see.com http://vantechglobal.com
  9. http://www.q-see.com/files/firmware/QCN8001D-FW20120928.zip teknologs, and PAL version pls
  10. I checked my 2100 and the Software Version is 2.100.0001.0.R, build : 2012-10-31. This is the firmware that came with the camera, So i do not have a copy of it. Sorry -Kyle Thanks It still crop the image when change the resolution to 720P ?
  11. The latest firmware for Dahua IPC-HFW2100 is still General_IPC-HFW2100(HFW3100)_Eng_P_V2.100.0000.9.R.20120621 ? The main issues of this firmware : when change the resolution to 720 P it crop the image . Any new release to resolve this bug ? P.S. Please, fell free to put here what Dahua firmware you have.
  12. Do you use firmware for nvr3216-p ? The firmware for nvr3216 is not the same .
  13. The latest firmware for NVR3216-P is General_NVRxx-P_Eng_P_V2.610.0000.0.R.20121101 You can download it from http://dl.vmall.com/c0xh0ewapb ( thanks teknologs )
  14. Hi, I bought NVR3216-P and IPC-HFW3200C from alibaba. I can't use iDMSS plus video playback with NVR3216. The firmware : NVR3216 - 2.610.0000.0; Build 2012-7-6 IPC-HFW3200C ( PAL) - 2.100.0000.6.R, build : 2012-05-04 Are these the latest versions ? Can somebody, please, help me with the latest firmware versions ? Thanks
  15. I think is General_IPC-HX3XXX_Eng_P_V2.103.0000.0.R.20120724 (same like Dahua IPC-HFW3200C and IPC-HDB3200C ). If you don't receive it from your vendor, you can confirm with dahua online support and after that you can send me an PM and I will give it if is the same.
  16. PM sent... please my send firmware 3216 dahua..please PM sent
  17. Title:firmware nvr3216-p Name:b44kwz Time:2012-11-21 message: NVR3xxx-P_Eng_P_V2.610.0000.2.R.20120919 support iDMSS Plus playback ? You wrote me I need special firmware for playback Reply: Reply by :Ivan Time:2012-11-22 this version support :General_NVRxx-P_Eng_P_V2.610.0000.0.R.20121101.zip So, what I have to understand ... the latest version isn't V2.610.0000.2.R.20120919 is V2.610.0000.0.R.20121101 ??? They are crazy ..... and 2 from version number is for what ? I think this is the real reason for what they don't make public the firmwares
  18. I started this topic asking for Dahua firmware. As you see there are many recommendation, but no firmware. I observed there are many resellers who want to sell Dahua devices because they offer firmware updates. In my case I decided to pay less that half for this devices directly from China. I obtain the firmwares updates from outside the forum because there are very precious ( good strategy .. to sell devices at expensive price because you offer something that must be free - my mistake .. read next post ) . So , I have the firmwares for: Dahua NVR3216-P - V2.610.0000.2.R.20120919 And now .... next post
  19. In my country these 2 products cost 1150 E, on alibaba I payed 510 $ for both. Do you think the price difference is low ? I hope somebody will help me with the firmware update . If the price differences wasn't so huge I would have bough from a reseller . Thanks.
  20. Nobody can help me with info about the latest firmware version of these 2 devices ?
  21. I use TP-Link TL-SF1008P with 4 Dahua IP cameras for 2 mounts . It works very well.