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  1. I am having problems with my cnb lcm-24vf camera. The original problem was that my power supply blew a fuse. Replace the fuse and it happened again. Re-ran the power line. with the video cable unplugged, the fuse was fine. Plugged in the video cable and the fuse blew. Next I took the camera down, grabbed a 12v battery from my fish finder, got a premade bnc cable and hooked everything back up right at my cpu/dvr. I have 12v at the camera, and you can hear it click when power is turned on. I still have no video. I took out the video card and nothing looks burnt. Does this camera have a fuse (I can't find one), or have I blown up the camera with a short in the video cable? (I didn't think that was possible) Thanks in advance.
  2. Yes, I have a separate power supply. I will check the cable today. If the cable was bad and had a short in it, it would blow the fuse, which it did, but why/how would it make my other camera go off line? That makes me think the cable is the problem, but I'm hoping that there is nothing wrong with the geovision card.
  3. The system is not new, it had been up and running for about 2 years.
  4. I have a geovision gv 650 card in my computer system. I have two cameras hooked up to it. A few weeks ago one of the cameras showed video lost. I checked out the fuse box in the power supply and the fuse was blown. I changed the fuse and seconds later it blew again. The other camera was working so I then left it alone until now. Today I ran a new power wire to the camera. Started from scratch and put new terminals on new wire. I turned the fuse box back on and it blew again. Then I decided to work on the video cable. I unplugged it from both ends at the camera and the computer and the fuse did not blow. So I decided to change the bnc connectors on the ends to make sure they were good. I did that and plugged it back in and BAM!!! the fuse blew and now my other camera is not working. I have not run new coax cable yet because it will be very difficult. Is that the next step or is it something in the computer/ Video card? Why would it now take out my other camera. The fuse on my other camera has continuity, but the fuse on the original problem camera has blown. The original problem camera is a cnb, and the one that was fine and now not working is a veilux. Both vandal proof domes. Any suggestions?
  5. Yes, thank you so much, it is now open on port 8080.
  6. Thank you, I did not change it on the geovision software. I will try that when I get home.
  7. This port forwarding is driving me crazy!!!! I am trying to set up my geovision 650 card and software for remote viewing. I have forwarded the ports that I need to but I can not get port 80 to forward. I have tried 8080, 81, 8081, 2525 and all kinds of other numbers to get it to forward with no luck. I have forwarded ports 4550, 5550, 6550, and 5552 successfully by checking with "can you see me". My isp is cox communications. I have searched through numerous threads on this site and through google searches trying different tips and tricks to find an open port but I can not seem to find one. Is there a good way to do this? I want to be able to view from my Iphone as well as from my computer at work. DJack
  8. DJack

    Ajusting Color on security cameras

    It says adjusting color because I thought it was a brightness or contrast issue. I was mistaken, as yakky pointed out it is with the WDR. As for the camera's the CNB is pointing down the driveway and the Veilux is on the porch. Thank you for the advice, I will play with the lens and point it down farther, I was hoping to keep the window in the picture, but that is not as important. I do not care about the very end of the driveway or the street. Thank you
  9. DJack

    Ajusting Color on security cameras

    I have the WDR enabled on both cameras and it still has the same image. It looks really good during sunrise and sunset but during bright daylight it has the problem. Is there anything else I can do to help the image if the WDR is on?
  10. I am looking for help on adjusting my security cameras. I have two covering my driveway and porch. My house faces north away from the sun and the cameras are under an overhang. There is a big white house across the street that does reflect light back toward my cameras. I do not know enough about brightness and contrast to get a good picture. Is there a percise way to get the best picture because after all that I have tried to read it still seems like I am guessing. Here are a few screen shots. The first one is the best I have been able to adjust it to but it still does not seem sharp. The last 2 are before adjusting. The cameras are Veilux vv-70cdnl2812d, and CNB LCM-24vf 2g Thank you for any help.
  11. I went ahead and bought the LCM-24vf 2g from 123securityproducts. Total after shipping $189 Thank you
  12. One last question, I'm trying to decide on my next camera to point down the driveway. I think I am going to go with the CNB with IR. Can you tell me the difference between the LKM vs LCM? I am using a 12V power supply so that does not matter. I just don't know what the difference is between the K and the C in the second place of the nomenclature. They look identical to me. Is one better than the other since it is $50 more? http://www.123securityproducts.com/lcm-24vf-2g.html http://www.2mcctv.com/product_info-CNBLKM20VF.html
  13. So is the low light the reason it does not track me or any moving object at night? It comes up as wavy lines that just distorts the still picture, you can't even tell I am out there.
  14. I am looking for advice for a new camera and advice on how to adjust my current Veilux Camera. Under the advice of the person at 2mcctv.com I purchased a Veilux vv-70cdnl2812d. I have this camera mounted under the eve of my roof right above my front door. The problem with the camera is that in the area there is extremely low light. At night when the camera is on I can see the image of my truck and trailer but when I walk through the area it does not pick up my image. I have to be standing still for a few seconds for it to render an image. Another issue I have with the same camera is that at night when a cars drive by on the street the headlights from the cars wash the image out for a few seconds while the camera adjusts. I don't mind that, but each time it sets off the motion and creates an alert. I have tried to adjust the sensitivity but it still trips the alert. Not a big deal just an annoyance. I am using a geovision gv-650b 8 channel card on a desktop pc to record. I was also looking for a recommendation for another camera I can put in the same general area but pointing down my drive instead of across my porch. It would be the same low light area but I don't know if I should use one with IR. Any recommendations would be helpful. There are two motion lights that come on if you get close enough to the structure of my house and that helps with the image, but if someone was messing with my trailer or car they might not set off the motion lights to help illuminate the area. Thank you, DJack