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  1. Zyra Tech

    Sound issue

    Got it! Somehow in the settings for viewlog, the "real time mode" was unchecked. This must be checked before you can enable sound. Thanks for the help and suggestions on this. You all are great!
  2. Zyra Tech

    Sound issue

    OK, a little progress. First of all, where do I download the audio codec. Couldn't find it on the geovision website. I do get sound when I save a recorded log file as an .exe but I am still not getting sound in the application when reviewing files. ??? I shut off windows firewall entirely and that still didn't fix the problem. The strange thing is it worked when I was setting the gain and stuff upon intital installation of the program. I had an earlier version and card installed but I think I cleaned it off pretty dang good. Could that be an issue? I also noticed that the sound icon in the corner of viewlog is grayed out and I cannot click it. I'm sure that's part of the problem. Any more suggestions??
  3. Zyra Tech

    Sound issue

    Thanks for the suggestions, I'll give them a shot and let you know what I find out.
  4. Zyra Tech

    Sound issue

    The driver? I did this but didn't fix the problem.
  5. Zyra Tech

    Sound issue

    All of a sudden I'm not getting any sound on my Geovision system. I can play a song in windows media for example but can't hear recorded sound in the playback or in the audio settings area. It shows that sound is being recieved in the window with the gain settings but cannot play back sound. Help!
  6. Zyra Tech

    Gview 2 questions

    I had the first version of Gview working great. I upgraded my system to 8.0 and gview v2. Now I cannot connect through Gview. If I use the internet on my phone I can get to the single frame pictures and do refreshes but that's it. Any suggestions?
  7. Zyra Tech

    Intel dumps Dell

    Probably, but it's a lot harder to charge for the time involved when you can get a decent prebuilt. At least that's been my experience. If I had about 36 hours in a day I could probably justify building my own.
  8. Zyra Tech

    650-4 can not take simple contact closure?

    For most applications, especially outdoors, you are going to run into the same problems with using PIR's as you are using Geo's motion detect. If there is anyway to use a hard contact device of some sort you will be much better of (ie. magnetic contact, preasure pad, etc.)
  9. Zyra Tech

    Intel dumps Dell

    I guess Intel didn't renew thier contract with Dell. It won't be long before Dell is Athlon only. Where's a good place to source computers for DVR builds? I don't even want to think about building my own PC's.
  10. This is strange. I have a computer on the LAN and for some reason i get a password error on that machine only. All other computers on the LAN can access just fine. Any suggestions on what is going on and a fix? I'll probably try deleting all the geo files and see what happens.
  11. Zyra Tech

    Geovision controlling a Cannon VC-C4

    I ended up with two accounts a while back and depending on where I'm at and what computer I log into depends on which one shows up. Crazy eh?
  12. Zyra Tech

    Geovision controlling a Cannon VC-C4

    Figured it out.
  13. Zyra Tech

    Geovision eMail alerts

    Good luck, especially if cameras are outside or in the dark. Bugs and stuff will always set it off. What I did to reduce the number of "falses" was to basically mask out the major portion of the screen with very small areas left open in strategic spots (for motion detect). Really helped to reduce the number of emails and such. Hope that helps.
  14. I just downloaded Gview off the website for my installation of 8.02 to use on my 700w. Works just fine. It's not really a very complex program. I think all it does is refresh the jpeg image as fast as possible. Just make sure you have Jpeg activated in the webcam server screen.
  15. Zyra Tech

    Rack mount DVR for Geo combo card

    Does anybody have any recommendations on where to get a rack mount chassis that I can use to house a Geo 16 channel combo card? I'm going to be doing two systems so I can get 27 cameras and they need to be rack mountable. I'd like them to be as complete at possible and be able to run XP pro. Any help would be greatly appreciated!