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  1. Thanks a lot milkisbad. Do you have Hikvision Tech support mail ID? I googled it but not sure about correct Tech support mail address.
  2. Thanks Numb-nuts. I have changed password from 12345 to something else, which I forgot now. Do you know of any method to recover/reset admin password . Also is there any way of resetting my device to factory default?
  3. Hi Folks, I forgot admin password of Hikvision dvr. Could anybody please help me with this I am using Hikvision 2 series DVR. Thanks
  4. How to connect Hikvision IR camera to my laptop using USB. Is there in any converter pin/cable which lets me use my IR camera as webcam. Thanks folks!! -Shyam Vyas
  5. Hi Guys.. I have a DVR system hikvision DS-7204HVI and 4 Hikvision indoor IR cameras connected to it. I suspect that somebody is tempering with my DVR ( May be Pausing the recording with some universal Remote or Accessing my DVR through Network and tempering with). I could not find anything on the DVR logs but I am dam sure that someone is breaking in my DVR. Is there anyway I can track this.. Thanks guys!!