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  1. Hi,


    Sorry to resurrect this after so long - but I finally got this to work and thought it might be useful to someone else.


    To get BlueIris to access each of the analog cameras attached to a Samsung SRD-1670 DVR then trick is to :


    - use the generic RTSP profile in BlueIris

    - use 558 as the RTSP port (at least this is what mine was using)

    - use eg /5 (for cam 5) in the path

    - use the correct admin username and passwork for the DVR in the BlueIris credentials


    The 558 port was not at all obvious!


    Once I did that it works great - I have all my IP cams and all my analog cams in BlueIris all working together with a single interface.


    Hope that helps someone in the same situation.


    - reddal

  2. Try BlueIris, you can download for a free trial to see if it works for you but can take video from popular analog DVRs and also supports a wide array of IP cameras.

    Thanks - I got BlueIris - and it works well for the IP cameras. I haven't yet managed to get it to receive the video streams from the Samsung SRD-1670 DVR though.


    I suspect its possible - but probably needs some magic syntax for the rstp url. Anyone know what that is?


    thanks - reddal

  3. Hi,


    I've got an analog CCTV system with 14 cameras attached to a Samsung SRD-1670 DVR.


    I've also now got a few IP cameras I've added.


    Both of these work fine on their own - but is there a way I can view both in a single viewing system?


    i.e. maybe software that can access the video supplied by the DVR - as well as IP cameras?


    I guess the alternative would be to convert all the analog video to IP with some converter - but it would be a shame to have to get rid of the DVR - which was expensive and works fine - its just integrating viewing that I want.


    Thanks for any advice.


    - reddal

  4. Hi,


    So I emailed about 20 internet retailers and ebay sellers and they all confirmed they didn't have any of these remotes and didn't think they could get hold of any.


    I tried calling Samsung Techwin in the UK - and they told me they couldn't help - I would have to go via a dealer and I couldn't buy from their spare parts people directly. However they mentioned in passing the name of their spare parts distributor - 'A-One'.


    I looked up 'A-One' and contacted them anyway at parts@aoneservice.co.uk . It turned out they had stock and were happy to sell to me - for only £5 each remote including delivery (which I was very happy with given I was desperate and would have paid a lot more).


    I ordered 4 of them and they arrived today - working fine.


    So it all worked out in the end - but I've no idea why it had to be so hard!


    - Reddal

  5. Hi,


    I think the default admin login is probably one of :


    username : admin

    password : 1234




    username : Admin

    password : 11111111


    If that doesn't work then I guess you have to reset to factory settings. There is probably a way to do that without an admin password - but I don't know it.


    - Reddal

  6. Hi,


    I've got a SRD-1670DC - which I think is a similar, but slightly older model.


    As a pure DVR it works pretty well. I mostly use it with the HDMI output.


    There are a few others ways you can access it :


    1) Via the samsung smartviewer software on a PC over a network. This software is a bit clunky at times but its the best I've found. Some features only work with certain firmware versions (e.g. the search features stopped working when I upgraded to the latest firmware). It looks like you could connect to several DVRs and create a combined display with up to 36 cameras (though I've never tried that in anger).


    2) Via the samsung smartviewer iphone software. Doesn't seem to work - I've tried everything.


    3) Via samsung NET-iviewer software. I got this to work on a PC - but it didn't seem to have any advantages over smartviewer.


    4) Via samsung i-polis iphone software. Doesn't seem to work.


    5) Via new samsung SSM software. God knows if this helps. I haven't tried it and am not sure how you even get it.


    6) Via the built in web server. Is quite difficult to get working properly - and a bit clunky when it does.


    7) Probably others....


    So the client software support is a little incoherent to be honest. It would be much better if all the effort was concentrated into one piece of software - but instead there are many - none of which are perfect.


    Hope some of that is helpful.


    regards - Reddal

  7. Hi,


    A few months ago I bought a new DVR (Samsung SRD-1670DC) which I'm pretty happy with.


    The only trouble is that the remote control that came with the unit didn't work. Therefore I sent back the remote to the dealer expecting to get a replacement. That was months ago - and I'm getting nowhere with them.


    I've looked around the internet trying to find where I can buy a replacement remote. Since I sent back the original remote I'm not even completely sure what model the remote should be - but it might be Z5900136501A. I don't seem to be able to find anyone on the internet that will sell me one!


    Does anyone know :


    - where I could get a replacement remote from?

    - failing that - what is the exact model number for the correct remote for this DVR?

    - failing that - has anyone programmed the IR codes into a universal remote (I can't find any)?


    Any help would be very gratefully received.


    thanks - Reddal