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  1. Hi I'm quite new to IP video management systems but have seen demos of Avigilon, Milestone and Axis Camera Station so far. We are looking at a very large installation (300 plus cameras encoded but upgrading to IP over time). What I'm trying to determine what are the differences between each VMS? So far they all do the same basic function we would require live video and recording with some neat fast searching but how do I find out what these systems would be like with 300 cameras connected, what kind of processing power would be required for each vms, what kind of ongoing support is provided and at what cost? Are there any comparison sits that show for example bench test results for each VMS? Any info appreciated.
  2. OK think I already know the answer but need clarification for a client. Is it possible to integrate Stanley GDX door entry systems onto another Video Management System like Avigilon, Genotec or Milestone?? So far Stanley look very closed protocol and I'm not sure it is possible they want you to use their Commissionaire software and nothing else! Any advice much appreciated.
  3. OK first off thanks for the help and advice so far now starting to get to grips with the IP VMS side of things. I've been looking at both Milestone and Avigilon and like both but have a problem with both systems?? I'm trying to understand the architecture of each system in that how many cameras can each physical server process, what is a typical system layout (or how would I find this) and PRICES!!! (not wanting exact just a rough idea. If I gave an example it might help. Looking at a small 22 camera system so that the client can view live images on one monitor. They only occasionally look at these and on occasion a remote site would also connect in over a 10M Ethernet link. I would imagine I could install a decent spec server at site (going with avigilon recommended spec say quad xeon processor, 8G Ram, decent video card, 1G Network card, 2TB 7200 HDD for either VMS) This could cope with live view of a few cameras at a time and playback but how many cameras can it take?? I read up to 16 then on other pages up to 128? is this dependant on what ACC server software loaded ie core, standard or enterprise? If I went for standard for example and reached the 24 cameras is it as simple as adding another server to take up to another 24 but still have one server running the client ACC? I asked a milestone rep to provide a cost for a system capable of running up to 12 cameras (only running 6) and was looking at server and workstation with software cost nearly £18,000!! the server spec looked way more than the recommended spec milestone and avigilon quote? If I had a rough idea of what avigilon would cost per licence for each flavour then would be easier to work this out myself for clients. Any help, advice, diagrams, etc much appreciated and sorry if my question seem pretty easy but just finding my feet here and would like to increase my knowledge of these systems.
  4. Thanks wire guys finally got it. Take it also easy to upgrade if you start out on core?
  5. Sorry still don't get the license bit?? Does that mean you buy a license for each bit of hardware ie cameras encoders, severs, client pc?? What you posted makes sense but when I hear you only buy a license per camera where does the core, standard, and enterprise come in? Do you get this free to install on any server or viewing client and it recognizes the license from the camera or is it a server license and each camera license is priced different depending on what version of the acc you are running. HELP.
  6. Thanks ssmith10pn your answers really helped! It makes sense the way you have put it so when I see this on the avigilon website then this workstation (with their recommended spec) is capable of up to about 64 cameras depending on camera megapixel, encoder settings, frame rate etc..... HD NVR Workstation The NVR workstation is ideally suited for smaller systems and for those needing to view live and recorded image data directly on the NVR (recording up to 10 MB/s of image data from up to 64 cameras). When I see this on their site: HD NVR Server Our Network Video Recorders (NVRs) have Avigilon Control Center preloaded and configured for maximum performance and reliability, making them easy to integrate into any Avigilon surveillance system. NVR servers can record up to 32 MB/s of image data from up to 128 cameras. This is the same depending on network and camera type, rate, etc... but for recording only the worktaion below: HD NVR Workstation The NVR workstation is ideally suited for smaller systems and for those needing to view live and recorded image data directly on the NVR (recording up to 10 MB/s of image data from up to 64 cameras). or similar would do the processing of the live video. Please tell me if I'm on the right track and where does the core, standard and enterprise license come in?? Is that features and if you want a small system you start with all cameras on core then move up license for all cameras to standard? (the acc software is the same but recognises the licence type from the cameras to allow the additional features and the ability to connect up 72 cameas and three servers? Just stating this as I keep hearing its a license per camera with avigilon not server and camera like milestone?) Thanks again for all the help been very very useful
  7. Trying to go for an open standard system hence milestone, avigilon, etc... I'm looking a general SPEC of hardware to run different amounts of camera. Local reps are too pushy trying sell if I can get an understanding of how many basic 1mega pixel ip cameras per server for each version of software I can make basic recommendations and know what is over the top or not powerfully enough when it comes to hardware. My previous example was for older analogue cameras encoded using axis encoders. Connected on its own network. If I went with standard avigilon acc server software how many cameras would each physical server take. Do you need the server licence for each additional server or is it a licence per server?
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    VMS Comparisons

    Thanks for the advice guys much appreciated. I have came from an analogue cctv background but noticed a big change over the past 6 months to ip. I like the vms solutions and feel they are not too expensive compared to older proprietary dvrs. Been asked to look at a few systems recently and provide tender specs! Not something I've done before but have found myself looking more at ip vms systems because of the flexibility.
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    VMS Comparisons

    I hear this reoccuring license cost with milestone but I contacted them and its just not true its only if you want support or upgrades. I don't believe the others wouldn't offer some kind of ongoing support costs also. I know its a base license and per camera but if the cost of an avigilon license is high does it not work out the same? I've tried both and milestone rep told me all about his product. Avigilon rep just told me all the bad points about milestone! Getting the same vibe here. Are there any independent comparison/benchmark sites?
  10. connelly73

    Centralising an existing system

    I'm looking at centralising an existing CCTV system spread over about 5 sites. The big problem is each site has different recording and control and in some cases its pretty basic/cheap. I have Samsung, vista and concept pro DVRs, and Vista, COE and BBV matrices. I'm thinking of encoding the analogue domes at the sites and bringing the images back over the existing IP radio network to a central VMS like milestone or axis control station. I know this would be expensive but I would appreciate some input as regards an alternative using the existing kit, to give a cheaper option? Are there any VMS that could connect to the existing Vista Quantum Plus DVRs and Concept Pro H.264 DVRs so I could drag and drop individual cameras onto a monitor wall? Also options to connect a joystick to the VMS that can control PTZ domes through the rs485 multiprotocol ports on the DVRs?
  11. connelly73

    Need help with new solution

    Have a look at AXIS cameras and software. They provide wireless IP cameras and a piece of software called control station. There site is very good and should give you some ideas.