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  1. ssuro11

    NVR's and SWANN CCTV

    Q-See is a rebranded Dahua Lorex/Swann are rebranded Hikvision If you are wanting something for the house that works, is reliable and has a warranty get the SWANN at Costco. I am curious what Don Stephens would suggest for cameras/nvr's.
  2. I have the same NVR and one of my Dahua Ip cameras with an audio in allows me to record/listen live/playback audio on my Iphone app or computer. The camera has to have the audio input connector to be able to record audio.
  3. ssuro11

    Dahua firmware

    Just making sure this is for the HFW3200C (large 2mp bullet NTSC)?
  4. ssuro11

    Dahua firmware

    Will the firmware posted work with the HFW3200C (large 2mp bullet NTSC)?
  5. For now, forget about anything IDMSS Lite and put it down. Physically go to you NVR and make sure the MAC address and Gateway are set for your router on the NVR(hook up a display to either a tv or computer monitor via hdmi/vga port). If these are not configured then no matter what you do, it will not work. I am not saying port forward anything on the router. Next, while still at the NVR see what your TCP port is set to under Network settings. Write down whatever port is in the TCP section on the NVR. The Dahua NVR will not work on your network using the TCP port if the default gateway and MAC address are not set. (you can quick set it by changing to DHCP and restarting your NVR then change it back to Static with whatever IP address you want) Go to IDMSS lite and input whatever port was in the TCP section of your NVR into the IDMSS Lite app as the port. (NOT the HTTP Port.....If you are using IE to log into the NVR with the IP address of then 8000 is your HTTP port and NOT your TCP port) If this does not work then you are either using an IP address out of range or something on your system is blocking the NVR. I have set up dozens of these on dozens of different routers. The TCP port is different from the HTTP port and from your description I think you have those two confused. Take a picture of the Network page on your NVR and post it up if this does not fix it.
  6. FYI...the port your are using on the IDMSS app goes with the TCP port on your NVR. The default is 37777 on the NVR unless you changed it(I would leave it 37777).
  7. If you did not set your MAC address or your default gateway it will never work. You can not just plug it into a network and expect it to work. Go to your router page and look for locally connected devices. If you do not see it on the router then you still need to configure the NVR. Go back and follow my instructions and it will work locally.
  8. Recheck your port forward settings.....it sounds like yours are wrong. Make sure you have forwarded ports 37777, 37778 and whichever http (I use 85) to the NVR IP address in your router. If you are not seeing your NVR on your network router, change the Ip settings on your NVR to DCHP and reboot. After rebooting change it back to Static and input whatever IP address you want (within your router range that is not being used by something else)
  9. I would really like to get one of the new NVR's that support 8ch at 240fps for 1080p recording. I have been unable to find someone who can sell one to me in the U.S. I guess no one wants my money LOL
  10. This is why I asked what you were powering the cameras with. I ran into a similar problem trying to use a power supply and it would not even power one camera. I have noticed the Dahua's take a ton of power to get going.
  11. What are you using to power them?
  12. Recieved the camera today.....It is the NTSC version and everything looks great. I will post up images later tonight when I can mount the camera.
  13. I specifically asked for NTSC firmware and have purchased from this retailer before with great results. I had emailed this supplier in late February looking for this camera and she emailed me out of the blue last week saying it was ready to go. I will respond to pm's of where I got it if everything works out. (I dont want people rushing out and buying it from here if its wrong/junk)