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  1. The DVR software says "high" quality records at around 1700 kilobits per second, which translates to about 200 kilobytes per second. Also, the images uploaded were cropped from a D1 resolution still.
  2. Forgot to mention: I'm using 50 feet of 24AWG Cat5e, and these baluns: http://www.amazon.com/VideoSecu-Video-Network-Transceiver-Connectors/dp/B000T8SO4M
  3. I've got a CNB VBM-24VF camera. Due to its close proximity to the area I need to cover, I have it at the widest angle supported (2.8mm focal point) so that everything I need to cover is covered. For my DVR, I've got a QVis Avalon. I think it's actually a rebranded Dahua but I'm not positive. Anyway it's setup to record at D1, 30FPS, H.264, VBR, "high" quality (about 200KB/s). I should note I've also tried the "highest" quality which apparently doubles the KB/s, but I didn't notice any difference in quality. Here's my issue: quality is satisfactory for the most part, and at 8-12 feet, faces are distinguishable, but I'm wondering if they should be more so, bearing in mind the camera and DVR. Please see attachments for an example; example1.png is not from my video but from someone else's YouTube video -- the camera he used is the same one I have. example2.png is from my video. The UPS truck was still moving slightly when the snapshot was taken, and is more like 25+ feet away but it still gives an idea as to what I'm talking about. What do you think is at fault here? To me it looks like maybe the DVR is compressing the video too much, but I'm not sure. Is it the distance of the faces, the 2.8mm focal point, the DVR, the camera itself (maybe I should've gotten a megapixel camera but I think MP cameras and DVRs are more expensive, and also they don't do as well in low light apparently), or...?
  4. Thank you. As you might have seen from my other thread, I ended up buying the VBM-24VF. It's all set up. I left all of the settings at default, and tonight it was still on color mode -- probably thanks to the street light -- until I put something in front of the camera and heard it "click" to B&W mode. Since then it has remained in B&W mode, even after turning on a 40 or 60W porch light, located about 8 feet behind and below it. I noticed that in the darkness (with street light, house lights, of course) that it was harder to see faces when in color mode compared to black and white... so ideally it would switch automatically. Tomorrow I'm going to switch the D/N level from the default setting of "middle" to its lowest setting and see if that makes any difference. According to the manual at the middle setting it'll switch from color to B&W with .5 lux, and at the lowest, at .2 lux. So we'll see what happens, my fingers are crossed though. If it still doesn't change automatically with the lowest setting, do I have any other options besides setting it to always be in B&W mode or moving the mounted position (which I won't do)?
  5. Yawnder

    Is this meant to be popped out?

    Thanks. Try as I might, the thing won't budge. Hmm...
  6. Got my CNB VBM-24VF today, took it out and got it all set up while I wait for my DVR to come in tomorrow. Anyway there are two large holes on this unit that allow the data and power wire to go through. Out of the box, the cable was routed through the hole underneath the unit. The hole appears to be plugged up with a white piece of rubber that looks like a doughnut; the cable goes through this, and then it looks like there's some silicone/other type of sealant filling up the rest of the hole inside the white rubber thing. Anyway, on the side of the unit is a big cap that is unscrewed with a large coin that's the same size as the hole underneath the unit. I was thinking about routing the cable through this hole instead as it would make things easier. My question is, is that white rubber sealing thingy meant to be popped out of its existing hole to be moved to the other hole if so desired? Or if I do that will it damage it or mess up the waterproofing? Unfortunately the manual doesn't say anything about this.
  7. Uh oh; based on this thread I'm wondering if I should've gotten the GEM BLN-MTL2 baluns instead... Does the CNB 24VF have a female DC power jack, or does it have separate positive/negative terminals? Edit: Nevermind, unless I'm mistaken, it looks like I should just be able to cut off the male DC adapter to get access to the positive/negative bare wires and hook that into the green connector coming out of the camera.
  8. Thanks and will do. I figured 500mA would be sufficient because CNB's website shows the max consumption at 300mA and min voltage at 10V. Hopefully it will be...?
  9. Thanks for all of the help (direct and indirect through existing posts) so far guys. I just ordered the following items: 1x CNB VBM-24VF camera 1x Qvis Avalon 4-channel DVR (apparently it's a rebranded Dahua), w/ 500GB hard drive purchased separately 1x VideoSecu 12V DC 500MA Regulated CCTV Camera Power Supply AC to DC Power Adapter A84 on Amazon 1x VideoSecu 1 Pair Video Balun Network Transceiver with Video Audio Power Connectors 1EK on Amazon I've already got 50 feet of ethernet cable, and I'm going to hold off on getting any conduit and IP rated weatherproof junction box for now -- I'll be putting the camera under an overhang, and I can always get one later. So, am I missing any accessories or anything else, or did I get any incorrect parts? I'm most worried about the balun pair I purchased, and the AC to DC power adapter. Based on the pictures I think I'll be good to go, and I'm pretty sure I have everything I need, but I want to be sure I don't need any extra male to female adapters or anything like that.
  10. If it's even necessary (the camera will be exposed to the elements so I imagine it is). As of now I'm planning on ordering a CNB 24VF outdoor dome camera. Since I've never setup a camera in my life, I'm not really able to envision exactly what I'd need to do to waterproof the cable connections. Right now I'm leaning towards using baluns but I may still just go with siamese cabling. From what I gather it shouldn't make a difference though. I'll be mounting the camera to the front of my house and then I'll have to run maybe 20 feet of cabling along the face/side of the house to get to a pre-existing hole that I can run the cabling through into my house. I'm assuming that the camera comes with short wires connected (power and video) that protrude maybe a foot or so? If so, I imagine I would then run these wires into something like an outdoor junction box, and then I'd also run the long-length wires into this junction box and make the connection, and then I'd be good to go, correct?
  11. Yawnder

    Qvis Avalon

    Anyone have experience with these? Qvis DVRs seem to have a good rep around here (I think they're made by Dahua) but the Avalon is what looks to be their cheapest model (they're selling on Amazon for a little over $200 w/ a 500GB HDD included) so I wanted to make sure.
  12. Just curious as to how you guys watch your security footage back. Do you watch an entire day's worth at full speed, slowing down when you see motion? Do you only watch motion events? Just a newbie trying to think about how I might do this...
  13. Hi all, very new to the CCTV / security camera scene, and for the past couple hours I've been doing a lot of reading here as I plan on buying a camera within the next couple of days. Can you guys recommend me some good outdoor cameras in the $150 range? I'm willing to spend a little more for something that's that much better. Dome is preferred but I'd consider a bullet too. (I'd also actually prefer a network camera for convenience but there seems to be quite a premium attached to this feature, and the video quality is more important to me.) The CNB 24VF looks like it gets pretty good reviews here, and it's one I'm strongly considering. But from what I read here, it apparently doesn't really switch to black and white mode if there's any visible light, and when not in B&W mode at night, the image can be very noisy. (Unless I read wrong.) Well, the area that I plan on having in the FOV is fairly well lit by a street lamp that's almost directly overhead. I believe it's a sodium bulb (looks pinkish and orangeish). So all that being said are there any cameras in particular you think would do a better job in my situation than the 24VF? I just would hate to get it only to have to leave it in B&W mode all the time, in which case I could've gotten a B&W-only camera that is superior in low light. But I kind of want color capability because I personally think it can aid in IDing people by the color of their clothing, etc.