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  1. I had 1 customer their playback on a DVR would freeze. We just put a new system in. Now I have another customer same issue, playback slow and freezes. Same with trying to just download footage. Is this normally the DVR or HDD that has issues does anyone know? I was going to get a clone disc software thinking if it is the HDD that cloning to a new drive might work but evidently there is no software that clone data on a CCTV HDD. Just trying to pinpoint the issue for future incidents. Any suggestions?
  2. ron352

    TVI 16 channel split to 4 tvs

    I installed a 16 tvi camera system in a grocery store. They are looking to split the 16 cameras to 4 tvs. Channel 1,2,3,4 to 1 tv Channel 5,6,7,8 to tv 2 Channel 9,10,11,12 to tv 3 channel 13,14,15,16 to tv 4 But in the office have the ability to view all 16 cameras even though the 4 displays go out to the 4 tv's as mentioned above So on 1 tv they can view cameras 1-4 and the next tv to view cameras 5-8 and so on. Anyone ever successful in doing this and how? I know I could have installed 4 4 channel dvr's but there should be a device to split all 16 channels into 4 quad output displays to achieve what I am looking to do.
  3. ron352

    TVI 16 channel split to 4 tvs

    Not sure what a 4 way is your mentioning. It sure would make it easier if they made special DVR with 4 HDMI outlets where you could choose camera 1-4 on tv1 and 5-8 on hdmi2 out to tv2 and 9-12 on hdmi3 to tv3 and so on. I never messed with a multiplexer before but thought they may of been used for something similar.
  4. Bought a Mini 16 NVR recorder. The first one works fine with 16 of my 2mp cameras 1920x1080 Bought another same seller and they made a change to the board and I installed it where 11 of the very same cameras 2mp 1920x1080 cameras and it cuts in and out in and out over and over again maybe recording 5 seconds then not for 5 then records again and keeps doing it. So, brought the NVR home to try on my network which uses the old NVR of same make model but older board before they changed their board. Had the same issue, cut in and out. And even does it on 1 camera connected. It isn't the network, they tried sending me a upgraded version which I flashed in and no change. I got a hold of the camera company I got the cameras from they sent a newer version to flash into the camera, that was worse because it seen the camera but gave a solid black screen. Have tried everything, cut way down on the bit rate and figure the NVR board they changed from the old board in my older NVR has lacked to put something in to be compatible with the ONVIF cameras out there. It stays connected just fine to a license plate capture camera but the 2mp cameras I am at a loss. Any suggestions? Ron
  5. William, yes, all the cameras were bought at the same time. I have 18 at my house and my sister has 11 at her house. I bought the 16 mini and worked fine with 16 of my cameras. They would work with 18 but only supports 16 at most. So, since it worked so well and had nice features, I told my sister to buy one. She did. Then go to install it and take her old different type NVR out of service to find after adding her 11 cameras it would go into this cycling problem it was having displaying and recording with in and out all the time. So after a few hours messing with it, I put her old NVR back in service and brought it to my house to try on my cameras. It did the same thing, but my old Mini witch is only about 10 months earlier model then the new board they put in the newer one she bought. Even with just 1 camera connected it went in and out. So it has to be something in the board/firmware they have on the newer board. I even sent it back to them and they said they found the problem and claimed they put another board in, but didn't say what they found, if they even changed the board, but it came back and did the very same thing, I even sent them a brand new camera to try when I returned it. So I am at a loss I think here. ONVIF is supposed to be compatible with other manufacturers and was with my NVR from the same company that worked, but evidently they left something out or changed something where the same newer model was not ONVIF compatible now
  6. ron352

    Cannot Get DVR To Stay Connected

    I have always found ATT routers to be a pain, I worked for them also. I always used a external router on a ATT modem and set it to passthrough so it could be controlled easier using my netgear router. Seemed to always be a pain with opening ports with ATT and other settings. If you get into the situation again, just go get a external router and put ATT on passthrough and your life will be easier from then on into the future
  7. ron352

    NVR loose IP Address

    I have done this a couple times in the past and I always use a laptop wireless. Since I have multiple wireless wifi networks set up in the house for main and guest and other, when I was not able to connect I found I was not on the same wifi network. Like 1 network would be say SSID network 1 it was on and network 2 would be say SSID network 2 and it was on My NVR was on and laptop connected to the other SSID of So check that first. Also use the mouse on the NVR and go to network and see what it says your IP address is on there. See if your on the same subnet I also uncheck the DHCP box so it don't change the IP address every time the NVR reboots. Unchecking the DHCP box makes the IP address static and never changes. Hope some of that helps
  8. ron352

    simultaneous snapshots and FTP upload

    Your camera if they are the type you can log into has to have the option, then there is software for the camera that also has to have the option. The IP cameras I use have a option to log into each camera and set FTP to send motion activated snapshots to my external western digital storage. It also has snaps you can set for every so many seconds but to me that is a waste because it will snap shots of nothing every so many seconds you have it set for. I guess it boils down to if the camera or software has it built in to set it to save to a storage device or hard drive.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions jazzar. I have seen the tape before, I like enclosures best though. I will look into the googling suggestion to see what that is and what it looks like.
  10. Installing IP cameras what box works best at lowest cost per box for installers to keep the RJ45 Ethernet connection out of the weather? Also what do you use to accommodate the large end attached to the camera with the RJ45 end to get it in the weatherproof box? On the cat5 cable side to the box no problem I make the hole small then add the RG45 plug end in the box. But the large RJ45 plug on the camera end is more of a issue getting it in the weatherproof box. I have been using the 4x4x2" box Home Depot had think around $5 each and using a drill bit to groove in a slot just big enough where the cover attaches for the wire to slide into, not bad but thought I would see other installers suggestions
  11. ron352

    networking newbie (pics)

    I have a NVR and all I enter is the device ID and it picks it up by cloud I am guessing. I don't recall having to open a port for the NVR where a DVR it had to open a port. They did come out with DVR's that went by device ID after years of fiddling with open ports and correct network settings. Still with NVR's you have to put the network settings in so it knows where the gateway is but the NVRs I have tried all I had to do is enter the device id after that and it finds it
  12. Have you tried from the non POE to the routers port? I have a NVR which only has 1 eithernet port and cameras connect to a switch and a cat5 from switch to the router and works for me
  13. I have a 8 port dvr with 8 cameras on network and it seems when a family member connects to the dvr remotely our internet speed almost goes to a crawl like dialup. I have ATT Uverse 6mb service so it really shouldn't bog all the bandwidth down sould it? Just curious. The hookup is from my router a 50' eithernet cable to a 8 port switch then to the DVR a couple feet from the switch. Doubt it is my setup as other family members have the same bandwidth issues and their dvr is only connected to the router. Just wondering if it is a frame rate setting in the dvr or what. Suggestions or is this just normal? Ron
  14. ron352

    Internet Bog when remote viewing

    Thanks Mindtwist that makes sense. I will have to contact ISP I agree should be more then .61 Appreciate the info
  15. ron352

    Internet Bog when remote viewing

    Thanks Dennis. Viewing remotely isn't bad. It is just when I am surfing I can tell when a relative logs in to look at the cameras, I feel like I am on dialup. By the way, do you suggest NVR over DVR? I am thinking going megapixel cameras and NVR.
  16. ron352

    Internet Bog when remote viewing

    It is substream. Upload is a mere .61Mbps Watch 8 cameras and not sure what bitrate is.
  17. Our family have different DVRs stand alone ones and o the network and have no trouble viewing each others homes remote from computers. We all have AT&T Uverse service as our internet connections. My question is with viewing remotely why there are times our Androids will connect to the DVR and are able to view the cameras and other times not. Could this be a port number with ISP issue possibly. Like we use the 15610 port number and maybe the internet provider don't like that port as much as if we were to use say port 3000 for example? Or does these apps for Iphones and Android phones just have some slight issues that need ironed out. Looking here for help if anyone else had similar issues on viewing remote by phone and how they found to cure the intermitent problem.
  18. Thanks for the reply Mindtwist. That makes sense, I had also mentioned this very same thing to my sister the other day. If she is in her basement like 10 feet from the DVR it won't connect. I think we tried disabling the wifi on the android but still didn't connect, but maybe we should have waited longer. We will have to try messing with it again. It used to connect in the basement before, seems it started not connecting maybe a month ago. I will return with a follow up if we narrow it down. Thanks again, Ron
  19. Well I take it no one knows. It seems if in the same basement where the dvr is located viewing the cameras on the android don't work, or usually won't. But go away from the house it does. Guess this will remain a mystery.
  20. ron352

    Little help on remote viewing

    (Airbus) First make sure the software is the right one for the dvr. Then it needs to be for the right phone. Like android, iphine and so on. Most I have set up has these ports Webport 8090 for viewing using IE Media port 9000 not sure what it is for Mobile port 10510 for mobile phone viewing. If the ports do show as open, then I would tend to think the software may either not be for your dvr or model of phone. If you open 18005 and it shows not opened, just try another, maybe your isp has some blocked or don't allow certain ports to be used.
  21. I had to do a hard reset to factory jumpering the circuit board because admin wouldn't log in. But on reboot the TV I monitor cameras on constantly scrolls. On another dvr it also scrolls on a tv but I am able to connect VGA cord to a computer monitor and view the screen no problem. The other DVR that scrolls on the tv screen I plug the cord to a computer monitor but does not display at all, so it is impossible to view the screen because it constantly scrolls. On the remote control I see nothing to switch viewing to VGA. Can flashing firmware to USB on boot resolve this or is there a way to get this dvr to view on VGA monitor so I can at least control it? Thanks, Ron
  22. Dennis, I use NTFS in my area. The one I reset it also scrolled, so 2 scroll on TV viewing. But can view ok on a VGA computer monitor on one of them. The other DVR the VGA monitor don't show anything and on the tv, it just scrolls, and from what I remember there was no way to set it in the menu for PAL or NTSC. I have wrote online at eagleeyes and through email, never hear back. Ron
  23. I have a Avtech KPD674A DVR and the screen scrolls, Avtech don't seem to rely to support questions on this. Is there a place to buy the circuit boards for these DVRs. Ron
  24. ron352

    System with outdoor/indoor camaras and DVR

    I never tried them Baluns but believe that is correct.
  25. ron352

    Little help on remote viewing

    First make sure the ports are opened at your office in the router by going to http://canyouseeme.org/ and type in the port you have forwarded. I know my DVRs have 3 to forward, 1 for web, 1 for media, 1 for mobile. If the ports are open and you have all ports required, I guess next would be to make sure you are using the right phone app software for viewing your dvr remotely.