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  1. Well.....I am actually going through something similiar. The difference is that I have a DSL modem/router single port and I am connecting that to a linksys wireless G router. I am still not successful with IE part but I know you have to open up the port you specify on the DSL modem router side. You first assign a static ip to your DVR and than you port forward to that ip address and it should work since your using the D-Link 524. I bought a DVR through CCTV specialty and I'm having connectivity problems with the software and the IE browser. If your still having problems please post back and I can go into more detail on what the settings should look like. If you have gotten the D-Link 524 to work post back and let me know of your success.
  2. cctvwizard

    MPEG4/H-264 Compression

    Here is a good link that I found that talks about video compression. http://www.aventuratechnologies.com/howthingswork/compression.asp
  3. cctvwizard

    Newbie Hello

    Well my id says I'm a wizard but I'm new to the CCTV industry. I have just recently tried my hardest to help a neighbor whiched turned into a nightmare. Because of the all the trouble I have gone through setting up this system I feel I have become a wizard. The bad thing is I'm still not done yet.