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  1. The drive isn't big as its just testing things at the moment it's a 500gb drive I'm hoping Santa brings me new components to build my own nas hence the reason for the question I think I may have got it to work now I'm just waiting for the drive to fill to make sure it doesn't change back to uninitialized I basicly ended up setting up a zfs pool with quotas etc for each cam which seems fine at the min Before I just had nfs shares setup which I don't think you can use the quotas if it's setup like that I may be wrong and have missed a few things but like above I'm just trying to test what works before embarking on getting a proper nas build up and running
  2. As much as I would love to update the fw these are Chinese cams and don't fancy applying the fix and patch etc admitadly I haven't done much reading lately to see if the patch has become easier I have been reading about the nfs shares and it seems that these cans need the quota setting for them to work properly In nas4free this is via zfs I'm a bit of a newbie to all this even though I have had the cams a while now so just trying to get my head around all things nas and specifically nas4free etc so any help would be appreciated
  3. I'm having some issues getting bad to work correctly I have 2 of the cameras in title and am using nas4free as the has server There problems I am having are: 1. The cameras will stop recording when the storage gets full. I have made sure the overwrite option Is turned on. When the storage gets full the cameras go into an offline state and need reinitialising to get them to work again also when they get full I cannot view the recordings. 2. The cameras also seem to randomly go to a unitialized state and offline requiring them to be reinitialized which again renders any recording useless. Does anybody have a good guide to getting these cameras working with nas4free. The firmware version is 5.1.0 on the cams. I have been playing with the idea of using a dlink sharecenter nas but I would like if possible to get the current setup working which will give me more budget to upgrade the storage
  4. Setup my 2 hik cameras with nas4free and everything was working great Today I have finally installed a poe injector to 1 camera Problem is that now one of my nfs shares is nas4free has become offline in the hik cams I haven't touched the nas4free setup at all and the 2 shares are identical in every way other than the sub directory which the path in each cam directs to I have /mnt/storage/nvr/Hik1 /mnt/storage/nvr/Hik2 Both identically setup in nas4free and permissions set to 777 Now the Hik1 works on BOTH cameras but Hik2 won't work on either camera it just shows as offline It was working and I can view the recordings in the Hik2 directory to corn firm it was working as it should Can anyone shed any light onto this problem
  5. reeves1985

    Mini nvr questions

    That's good to know they work ok I ended up using an old laptop an set it up with nas4free and use that as a server for motion recording but I am still undecided what to use for 24/7 viewing/monitoring I may actually get one for that sole purpose It's either going to be one of these mini nvr or use an android pc but I can't seem to find any reviews on the android pc to see how well they can handle multiple cameras If i do go down the android route I can use hikvisions ivms android client to view the remote recordings from nas
  6. reeves1985

    Nas4free help please

    managed to sort out the issue I think anybody else facing the same issue make sure in your nfs share in nas4free that the Specifies that the file system should be exported read-only is not ticked, which in my case after hours of head scratching I found it was
  7. Hi I wonder if you can help me I've been having trouble with nas4free and the hik camera I can get the cam to see the mount but it completes straight away and still says uninitialized I saw mentioned in a different thread you had to create another directory under what nas4free was telling you and it worked Trouble is I'm very new to this and am not sure in doing it right as when I create a directory under it it still doesn't work In nas4free is currently have my mount setup to /mnt/storage/nvr (my mount point) If I pop that into the cam it recognises it but goes straight to complete If I add a directory to it in the cam without touching nas4free it doesn't see the mount and if I put another directory under it in nas4free I get the same problem as before where it completes straight away and still says unitialised I hope you can help me as I have been trying to get it working all day and am ripping my hair out I think I now have a basic knowledge of nas and nas4free so any help would be very much appreciated
  8. Edited as a reset sorted problem not to waste a thread is anybody using a android pc for live view? are they reliable? considering going this route for live viewing but I want to know if they can handle live viewing of 1080p without a problem thanks
  9. reeves1985

    help me with my nvr plan

    I wouldn't call exacq lightweight at all--at least the client. i7-3770 15-20% live view of main OR substreams. Tried both windows and linux. I can forgive it if it was the 3MP 30fps main stream, but just the mjpeg 12fps substream? That is terrible. Hikvision camera support was terrible. ONVIF driver = zero advanced config. Hikvision driver = event errors and it takes 5-10min to successful connect to cameras. That is terrible for the OP. _________ Laptops and their compents aren't duty tested for 24/7 running, especially the low end. Thanks again I'm not looking for something that is going to be too taxing to setup I'm still undecided to run an old laptop as a server and use am android box to get live view on tv/monitor Not sure how good/reliable the android boxes are As for the live view I'd like to view 2/4 cams live at 15fps at least
  10. reeves1985

    help me with my nvr plan

    Thanks for your input can I ask which nvr software you are using? Also when you display the cams what resolution are you using and frame rate At the moment I am just using the free hikvision nvr pc nvr software supplied Whilst I am setting up it is running as server and client displaying the 2 3mp cams
  11. reeves1985

    help me with my nvr plan

    Thanks will have a tinker One thing I have noticed from testing is I set my email up to send me a capture of an event/trigger While the email comes through fine the picture just come as 0bytes and cannot be viewed Is there a setting for this anywhere on the ivms pc nvr I have selected the number of captures and the quality on each setting but still doesn't seem to work
  12. reeves1985

    help me with my nvr plan

    Thanks I will have a read through Operating temps shouldn't be a problem as the attic is a concerted bedroom this will be inside essentially Do the moment as a test on a spare old pc I had lying around I installed the hik ivms4200nvr software and added the two cams set motion record and hard drive up and it's hitting 100% CPU on 15fps This rig is old and uses a and Athlon 64 x2 3ghz CPU with 65w The memory is fine like at around 10-15% of 4gb
  13. Been searching around the forum and there is a lot of very useful information regarding pc vs dedicated nvr systems and the best ways to display to a monitor etc. im hoping someone can help me tailor something that would work for me the background plan: currently I have 2 3mp hik cams and plan on adding a maximum of 2 more. It is a small setup for my property. I plan on running the 2/4 cams to a switch (poe) in the attic and running either a dedicated nas drive or pc based nas of some flavour. for viewing the cams on a separate monitor I plan on using a android device into a monitor (just for basic monitoring and viewing pleasure). as for the nvr. I have plenty of computer bits lying around which I could knock up into a compact sytem to run as a dedicated nas server for recording my main objectives are to keep it as power efficient as possible as it will be running 24/7 and also keep setup costs down. is this the best way to go? or maybe integrated client server setup? (I understand a client/server setup would require a hell of a lot more cpu power) cost is also a factor and I have thought about a dedicated nvr but I don't like the limitations on the lower budget devices without spending lost of cash. all opinions help and advice welcome
  14. reeves1985

    hikvision recording issue

    thanks got my head around it now and so far im very pleased with the cams that's all the testing done in regards to making sure the cams work properly etc now its on to the setup part and looking into what sort of nvr solution to use which will be a separate thread thanks again damian
  15. reeves1985

    hikvision recording issue

    right I have managed to get the cam to record and the created files now show in the location where I specified in the cam config the next problem is when I go to the playback tab on the hik cam all I get is no files found any ideas on this part?