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  1. davidcarlson

    Which cameras to buy?

    I think I got the solution. Im going with a few Apexis J902's.. I can get them for around $200 a peace and they have pretty good video quality. Also I had tried out a Wanscam and have to advise that there peaces of junks. The one I got had quit working on me after a few weeks and it wasn't even in the rain or anything. It was also brand new. Im thinking I like where the j902's are around the place and im going to go ahead and take camera-newbie's advice about losing the wireless. Going to just go ahead and run some cat6 with poe injectors for a nice clean job.
  2. davidcarlson

    Which cameras to buy?

    Hi, I have bought a couple cameras as part of setting up a surveillance system for my business. Only problem is there not capable of doing the job. One of thems not even compatible with the surveillance software that im going to be using. So any ways my question is dose anyone know of a outdoor wireless IP camera with full PTZ and IR night vision? Also the camra be supported by NUUO surveillance software? Whats your guys recommendation’s?