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  1. szjozsi

    Dahua IPC-HFW2100 vs IPC-HFW2100S

    Hi I suggest at least HFW-4200S, they are higher resolution and not much more expensive. HWF-2100 is OK for indoor with continous light. Not good for outdoor.
  2. szjozsi

    Outdoor POE Bullet Camera

    ------------- I agree. I have Dahua and Hikvision cameras and they are fine. It is not easy to set up the correct motion detection but once you done it it is OK
  3. szjozsi

    How do you adjust or point Dahua Camera's

    not trivial and depends on camera here is an example:
  4. szjozsi

    Dahua use night mode in color?

    create a Profile in the camera and force setting to B&W in night mode. works fine. I have HFW-4200S, 5200S types
  5. I have the same camera and it works fine using a DLINK DGS-1008P Poe switch. (4 PoE ports) Try pinging it (default IP is -but your net must be the same
  6. szjozsi

    Looking for a basic CCTV system

    hi depending on how much money you plan for this, I suggest a synology system and some Dahua or Hikvision cameras. However each camera license costs 50 USD (1 camera license is free with the synology). The NAS also has to be connected to an UPS and in a well secured place. And you need a reliable switch, which has PoE option. Cisco has some good type, but they are not cheap. Joe
  7. szjozsi

    Dahua firmware

    hi does the new hdw-3200 camera work with synology NAS? thanks Joe
  8. hi how do you know? where can i find a list where i can see which dahua is based on sony or aptina? Thanks Joe
  9. Hello I wonder if there is a subtopic here focusing on IP survaillanxce system using Synology NAS i have many questions first is about Dahua cameras and DS414 NAS and also using the 2 eth ports on the DS414 thanks Joe
  10. i plan a separate switch as well, but the essence of a switch is that the traffic is only between the nodes, so the caemra traffic does not interfere with other traffics. In case of old HUBs yes, but switch, no.
  11. can it be connected to a mobile phone via USB? Anyway, if we can tunnel the port 5001 on the router to the NVR's IP address it may work on the internet as well. We use ssh this way.
  12. szjozsi

    Experience on Arecont cameras?

    hi thanks. according to their webpage: http://www.synology.com/support/camera.php?lang=us&brand_id=35 Arecont is supported, altough alarm recording is not supported. (i am not sure what it means) I am thinking of 2 Mp cameras, max 3 Mp, not higher. the plan is 1280x800/12fps when motion is detected. Jozsef
  13. szjozsi

    limit of recorded time in vivotek cameras?

    ok, so let's try this way: if I set the motion detection recording not on the camera but on the surveillance system, like Synology DS413, in this case do I have this 1 sec off problem? see: http://www.synology.com/support/camera.php?lang=us&brand_id=29 in table: motion detection: By Camera, By Surveillance Station if I choose and set motion detection By Surveillance Station is that a solution?
  14. szjozsi

    Experience on Arecont cameras?

    then what does this mean? : http://www.synology.com/support/camera.php?lang=us&brand_id=35 it's hard to get a clear picture..
  15. szjozsi

    Experience on Arecont cameras?

    what about a NAS/NVR like synology DS413? also NVR 3804 iks also compatible with Arecont cameras: http://www.dahuasecurity.com/products/nvr3804-3808-3816-1.html does it mean arecont cameras can record direxctly to NVR3804 without an internediate server? (according to the link)