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  1. As i say, of course it's easy for firmware <= 3.0.7 Although there are other ways to solve other problems you do not need man.. Keep your suggestions... You love money..
  2. good news... I made English by following these steps nvr language was English.. http://diyservice.blogspot.com.tr/2014/12/hikvision-ds-7108n-sn.html
  3. Shall investigate this issue and you will do it please help
  4. Do it yourself and enjoy. how do I do??
  5. Just buys European technique and will be no problem;) please send pm firmware
  6. The same processor Hi3520D. Different in appearance. DS-7108SN / P - pure Chinese version DS-7604 ( SN / P - purely European version I do not presume to spread freely available English or Russian version of the firmware DS-7108SN/P! please help my nvr chinese.. please send english firmware
  7. I bought the camera from china.. model: DS-2CD3Q10FD-IW p2p feature did not work ezViz... telnet root 12345 setFtpService : enter showServer: enter # showServer Enable: 1 LBS dev.ys7.com:8555 DAS MSG invalid NTP ALARM alarm.ezviz7.com:7400 STUN_1 STUN_2 change lbs server: setLBS dev.ezviz7.com:8555 : ENTER set lbs server success available ezViz
  8. camera telnet open.. putty open connecting telnet telnet : admin 12345 login.. plese command enter: setFtpService start pc ftp open : root 12345 dav file open... IEfile.tar.gz copy pc.. IEfile.tar.gz edit - doc -xml zh folder delete english folder rename zh save exit all folder IEfile.tar.gz copy paste ip cam dav folder putty open reboot command.. english )
  9. SDVR-NVR-HVR password reset program.. telnet reset.zip
  10. teknologs

    Dahua firmware

    dahua 3216 nvr new version updated...
  11. teknologs

    Dahua firmware
  13. teknologs

    Dahua firmware

    Is that PAL version or NTSC???? I really need PAL... please upload mediafire,uploaded,hotfile,turbobit... problem no download filedropper..