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  1. tng5737

    Dahua firmware

    The limitations are probably due to the 'player' inside the firmware.
  2. tng5737

    Client Snoops through our house

    Show this to your realestate agent. They should have a record of who they showed the house to.
  3. It would be really helpful if at the end of this, you created a pdf for download. Thanks for pulling all of this together!
  4. tng5737

    Help required to solve remote access issue

    IP addresses: – are private and are not publicly routable. Did you try using the external ip address?
  5. tng5737

    Dahua camera cable

    If you can get by with a dome then the HDW4300C does not have that rectangular block!
  6. According to the mfg - in order to reset you have to flash the resetconfig firmware to the camera. Did the cam come with any software. Perhaps the tools you need are included with the software. If you Google for 'how to reset ELP-IP1881' you can easily find the mfg website. They have contact info there - perhaps they will send you the needed firmware and software. The are many net scanners out there - particularly if you have a smart phone or tablet. That would be the easiest way to find your ip addr and port. Of course you could also setup Wireshark on a pc and watch the traffic as you boot the cam up. If you do that you'll want to isolate the pc and the camera to their own lan to cut down on the amount of traffic you'll have to wade thru. Note: 1)This IP camera default IP address: user name: admin password: empty(no password)
  7. tng5737

    Infrared illuminator to thwart creep?

    You should check to see if he is on your state's sex offender registry.
  8. tng5737

    Boosting Power

    Here is another solution - solar panels with a charger for the backup batteries!
  9. tng5737

    Boosting Power

    He's NOT being a jerk - if you read his last response he has given you a solution. Power that camera with a 16v power supply to compensate for the voltage drop you are experiencing.
  10. tng5737

    Blue Iris Software

    I have BI4 running on two machines. Both machines monitor nine cameras (2-1.3mp,3-2mp,4-3mp) One pc is running an i7-4770 with cpu util of around 18%. The other pc is running with AMD FX-8350 monitoring the same cameras with a util of around 22% The two BI4's are setup slightly differently in terms of motion-sensing but overall utilization is about the same on both. I also run a Dahua 4216 nvr. I much prefer the BI4 solution over the dedicated nvr. The reasons for this is the flexibility of BI far surpasses the dedicated nvr. The support that Ken gives is outstanding both in quality of service and speed. Just about every day there are upgrades to BI Dahua makes some fine products and decent prices but their support is almost non-existent. I have heard recently that Dahua is opening up a tech support center here in the US soon so maybe that will improve.
  11. see this: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=39296&p=262540#p262540
  12. tng5737

    Cant unlock DVR password without remote

    Sounds reasonable, RX and TX lines are only active during boot if I recall so during boot the voltages would be lower on those pins. If the daughter bd is removable I'd try to id the V+ and gnd from their planes then the other two are the rx and tx. Also, note that there are two types of TTL serial adapters - +5 and +3.3 be sure you have the right one. With the board off you'll be able to solder some pins in the empty pads. something like this: http://www.amazon.com/20pcs-Connectors-Strip-Lights-Insert/dp/B008LR35VK/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1422837428&sr=8-3&keywords=pins+connector Be sure to get the correct spacing though. If you get the type of adapter that has the separate connectors (one for each line it will be easier to move the connections around. You can find these on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/niceeshop-PL2303HX-RS232-Module-Converter/dp/B00F167PWE/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1422837371&sr=8-5&keywords=ttl+usb+connector+3.3 OpenWRT has some tutorials on finding the correct pinouts.
  13. tng5737

    Cant unlock DVR password without remote

    No, on the daughter board below the RAIN chip
  14. tng5737

    Cant unlock DVR password without remote

    On the daughter bd there are 4 empty pads (bottom of your photo) this is probably the comm port (V+, Gnd, Rx and Tx) this would be a last resort. As a last resort you could populate those with pins and get a TTL to USB serial adapter. Have you tried telnet into box using the default userid/pwd?
  15. tng5737

    Cant unlock DVR password without remote

    How about a pix of the board maybe someone here can spot something like reset pins! Also, can you get a closeup pic of the remote shown on the manual cover?