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  1. Well well. First update-bricked Dahua so far I have seen. From a client who tried to update his DH-SD6CE445XA-HNR. Update process went normally, progress bar reached the end, but after that no response from the camera. So far tried 1) configtool. Does not find camera. 2) after 30mins from the update, power on-off by disconnecting the poe-cable 3) reset switch. No response at all. 4) appears that with Wireshark I can see cameras MAC is sending broadcast message to tell who has 5) port scan for nor cameras pre-update ip-address does not find open ports.
  2. My client has problems in his Dahua cameras with sd card recording. One HFW4431E-E3 bullet and SD6CE445XA-HNR big PTZ. Both cameras are set up to record continuously "green" general stream and plus that also motion detection stream triggered by IVS. In HFW4431E the recording does not work almost at all. It usually starts to record when logging in the web ui, but most of the time the timeline is just empty. Have tried to format the card now and then. Camera is connected to non-Dahua NVR as ONVIF camera. Is it possible that ONVIF messes internal sd card recording? In big PTZ the recording works most of the time ok, but seems to be that sometimes, maybe after electric outage, recording stops and then starts again when logged in the web ui. I wonder if the file system on the sd card is messed after outage and after that recording is unreliable? After sd card format it works ok again. Shouldn't a security device like IP-camera withstand outage easily? In both cameras there is a Sandisk Ultra 128GB microSDXC 100MB/s Class 10 UHS-I card in. My final question is: is there an absolute answer what is the card that 100% sure works in these cameras? Dealer has not been able to give me an answer.
  3. Saga continues. Updated FW to NVR 4.0. Recordings saved, but in NVR 4.0 web UI can't find option to do a remote backup.
  4. I was able to back up few days of video from NVR. Directly to USB and then I found out that when connecting in local network with web UI, I can download .dav files also. This does not work however, if I connect from outside LAN trough port forwarding. Don't know why, but it does not found any recordings. So, downloading parallel to USB and via ethernet I was double faster. Still it took 2 hours to get 4 days of video from one channel.
  5. Seems I am able to view recordings from 27 may to 2nd june 12:00. Outside that time clips are "Failed to open record." As found nothing in this time window, I returned the hard disk in NVR and started time-taking process to backup on USB hard disk. NVR seems to be able to play all ok. One day / one camera is roughly 30GB, and that takes always 30 minutes to transfer to USB. I have also new NVR 4.0 software version on usb stick to do an update, but I'm worried if new version can't play hard disk content..
  6. Well, I picked up the 3TB hard disk from NVR and put 500GB in to record while I am checking the other one. Dahua disk manager says "Failed to open record!" for every clip I have clicked. Frustrated.
  7. Well I have sort of a problem with Dahua NVR. (4208-4K-S2) There has happened something some day in view of one camera. Nobody know the time window and target is not visible in the image so I have to do it old-fashioned way and roll many days video with fast speed to see if there is something moving. NVR is in remote location and it needs to be running all the time, so I can't take it with me. With SmartPSS and Web UI via internet it is great pain. Can't make speed fast enough to make it bearable, need to sit watching days otherwise.. Downloading clips with SmartPSS takes forever, even in local network. It really is slow even in 1GBps connection. Backing up to USB stick or disk seemed to be a good option but seems to be I can only put 1024 files in queue at once. And this can be done only locally, not possible to do USB backup via Web UI or SmartPSS. Duh. (Well, with web UI this looks like possible but it won't find the usb drive and also any recordings!) Otherwise I could sit home and command NVR to do backup for 1024 files, then next, then next... but no. Well I could still try this to put it backup only continuous recordings, now I chose all which includes also motion detection recordings and maybe that makes amount of files so much. Also I found that Dahua has disk manager which can read NVR disk on a PC. Tried that with my own NVR and result is promising. Maybe disk manager is what I need to use now. I go to NVR, take the disk off and put an other in and then check the disk with PC. Not so easy. Dahua needs to make that USB backup better, and also remote-usable.
  8. I haven't paid so big attention to this until my client asked why downloading a video file from different Dahua models in same network is so much slower. He has HFW4431E-E3 and HFW5541T-ASE-0360B. Sandisk 128GB cards in both models. 5541 is ok to load, 250MB clip takes around 3 minutes. In 4431 ~ 3 hours. He's using SmartPSS. I tested this also with my own old NVR4116H. Downloaded a mp4 and dav files, both 250MB, takes around 3,5 minutes with SmartPSS. Then I tried the same also via web UI. Time was quite the same, but web UI tells the speed also. It was around 1200kB/s. Well, actually I have always thought that downloading files even in LAN from my NVR has been slow, but now to see it in numbers - that's nothing! 1Mbps. Seems that NVR network load is ~52Mbps, and that's RX, so there should be plenty of room for download TX. Is it just that NVR or camera's CPU is so loaded that there is no capacity for better transfer speed? In camera, is the SD card occupied with writing that there is no faster reading possible? And in NVR, hard disk... Anybody studied this more?
  9. My client has Milesight NVR MS-N5016-UT. How can we get RTSP stream out from the NVR? In the settings RTSP is mentioned and there is a port 554 for it as a default. I have tried with VLC but it just gives an error. When trying directly to all Milesight cameras connected with that NVR, RTSP works perfectly. Do we need to set some more permissions or does the URL need to be special? In NVR manual RTSP is mentioned but there is no further instructions how to use it..
  10. Dahuas gDMSS app has again changed (for a while ago I suppose) and now it is possible to log in as well. It seems that easy4ip is now Imou, and after creating user account (I may have had already account there) 4 devices popped in Imou account also. As I have tens of devices stored in my phones gDMSS, I'm interested if there is an easy way to put all devices on that Imou account. Couldn't way a way to do that. I have so many devices that making a device card (QR code) is not possible from all them at once. Should be nice to found a way to backup all devices to new phone. Should there be an option in Imou to do that?
  11. gDMSS seems to develop fast and almost every new version has UI messed so much that need to sit down and learn lot of things again. Don't know what is the logic to change so much at once, I got many contacts from confused clients how to do a thing in new version which was working other way in old version... In some point, maybe 2-3 years ago the playback timeline changed. In older version, when you started playback and chose all recordings (continuous, motion detection, alarm, ivs) you still could see on timeline different colours. Dim, but it was there. Now in newer versions, I could not see this anymore. If I choose all, everything is just gray, and if I choose motion detection, then I just see orange motion detection recordings but cannot play anything around them. Maybe this is just a feature, couldn't find any setting to display all recordings at different colours as it is viewed in web UI or in SmartPSS.
  12. Just installed a new Dahua CCTV system last week again. Got three HDBW4431E-AE3 cameras and when I started to configure them, opened the UI with Firefox and tought I don't need to see the video, just putting right IPs etc, but my surprise was that they have developed the firmware so Firefox shows also the video without any plugin installation!
  13. Yes, these are good pair and will work together. Easy to install also, they start to work without any tweaking when plugged in NVR's PoE-ports.
  14. I have also mixed Dahua NVR with Hikvision (Hiwatch) cameras in couple of places and I don't have such blackouts on continuous recording timeline. Even motion detection works fine. I should check NVR log first. Is there any indication of camera going offline? The best result seems to be to put camera in "camera registration" manufacturer->ONVIF, RTSP port->Self-adaption, HTTP port->80, decode buffer->default, remote channel->1 and protocol->auto. Also in cameras web ui there is some settings for ONVIF, they seem to vary depending of software version. At least ONVIF should be on and one user created for rtsp use. At home I have an "old" NVR4116H 16-channel recorder which seems to work best. 10 cameras connected, 6 of them are Dahua and 4 Hikvision Hiwatch series. Second place I have newer NVR4208P-4KS2 8-channel recorder with 2 Dahuas and 2 Hikvisions. There everything is working fine but I just have weird time issue on the playback timeline. When I click on the timeline to start the play for example 10:05, it starts the video right, I can see the cameras clock is running 10:05 but the cursor on the timeline runs 09:05. It plays the right time (I know it when comparing video content to Dahua cameras) but just the timeline shows wrong. I have triple checked that the clock in both Hik cameras is right and even disabled DST and put time zone one forward. No effect. In third place I have NVR4108P with one Planet camera running RTSP and one Hik bullet as ONVIF. It works perfectly fine without time issues also.
  15. Problem still persists. Now got at least two other phones/clients who have lost passwords in a saved device. What happened in the update?