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  1. Were thinking about putting a video surveillance system in our house. I've been looking at the Netgear Arlo cameras. But, how long do the batteries last? The website says I think it will last like 3-4 months on an estimated 10 minutes of use a day. But I'm planning on putting the cameras in high usage areas such as the kitchen. There will be a lot more movement than 10 minutes a day. So I'm afraid well have a lot less battery life than a few months. So I guess the only option to not have to worry about dead batteries is to hard wire it. But in a basic house, how in the world do you get power to the cameras? I'd have to RIP up my walls like crazy. So looking for suggestions.
  2. It all started about 3 months ago. I'm not sure what changed on the network, but every few days, 50 out of the 56 cameras will just go blank and I think pretty much at the same time. If I pull up the camera in a web browser with an IP address, I get a pop-up saying "connection failed" except it still pulls up the vivotek page and all the options are there to make adjustments to the camera, just where thre should be video on the page, it's a black box and says "connecting..." in the corner. The only cameras that seem to stay up stable are the cameras that physically plug into the MDF where the server is at. Any cameras traversing a fiber backbone seems to have this problem.