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  1. dtmcnamara

    Outdoor IR Cameras

    Working with a customer at the moment on some IP66 IR cameras solutions. Here is the list of cameras we are suggestion: *EDIT: Just saw you said analog... Analog Honeywell HD73 Sony SSC-CM564R IP List Below Vivotek FD8372 Vivotek FD8335H ACTi KCM-5611 (NO IR) Samsung SNV-7080R Samsung SNO-7080R Samsung SNV-5080R Samsung SNO-5080R
  2. Best camera we have used for LPR (license plate recognition) is the Axis Q1604 (1MP) or the Q1602 (D1). Its a little pricey but when LPR is needed its the best out there. Good luck http://www.axis.com/products/cam_q1604/
  3. dtmcnamara

    baluns overheating

    Plug another camera to that port (to make sure it is not the port) if it does not heat up the same we can rule out that the DVR is doing it. Since you have tried another balun we can rule this out (unless both were bad). Finally, if possible, try to do another run. This will clean up any possibility that for some reason the video and power wires are touching somewhere in the shielding. I have also had problems in the past with cheaper cable not working so well passing video and power. Good luck
  4. dtmcnamara

    help on best mic

    ETS (http://www.etsnm.com) cheap, ok quality audio Louroe (http://www.louroe.com/) more expensive, better quality audio DPS (http://www.dpamicrophones.com/) professional quality, great for high security applications These are just the three we mainly use.