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  1. Update: Now replaced Camera which AOK - so the problem is in the cable which is a plug and play video power cable. The 2 video and power cables being side by side -flatcord? siamese? Is it possible to splice/repair this kind of cable? Obviously, I have not done a good job; any tips appreciated. thanks for your time.
  2. I have just snipped through a CCTV cable with secateurs [after kicking myself quite hard] my repairs only seem to point to the fact that I have dealt a lethal blow to the camera by shorting it. The Geovision 1480B card only increases the lost bleep rate and loses all the other camera feeds when connected and the light on the AC/DC adaptor also flashes. With these symptoms can anyone say if the camera in question [which is one my best - of course] is KO or is it repairable?