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  1. Hello everyone, I am helping someone setup a nvr system and they need a camera set around 600 feet (Strange I know). Is there a way to achieve that range on either cat5/5e/6 between the IP camera and NVR receiver? Thanks
  2. casualbeta

    Connection refused on port forwarding

    I did, I double checked the ip address and the port number for server and http in both the NVR and the modem and both match up.
  3. I'm hoping someone might know what is going on for this situation so here goes. I just received a new NVR system (ANNKE) where the cameras uses the network cable. I just finished setting up the system works in the NVR but when I try to connect the NVR with the android app it said that the connection failed. So I did the port fowarding test using "canyouseeme" website and found that the connection was refused. What does that mean and is there a work around it? If you need more info about this feel free to ask. Thanks
  4. Hi there guys. It seems my DVR problem are only just starting to show up. I have with me is a 8 CH DVR system that I have set up for a office use. Right now the problem is this I have done the port forwarding and setup a DYN account (NO-IP account) with the auto IP update program. Now here is the strange thing. When ever I try to view it locally the connection fails but if I view remotely (ie. a wifi hotspot at a restaurant) it acutally works. Have I messed up on something ? Any help will be of use. (sort of...)
  5. hi guys this is casualbeta, it seems that my DVR problem won't leave me be. right now the port forwarding just won't "open" (and I checked it with "yougetsignal" website). I have made a screenshot of the port forwarding on my modem/router that I have. It is attached to this thread. I hope someone will help. Thank you.
  6. casualbeta

    What to do now with my network and DVR?

    shockwave199, I've tried that just after reading your post and well...nothing happened. And based on what I have read from your post about DMZ I'll skip that idea. Anyways, I've decided to try the first option on my initial post. It ended up working to a degree. While the port was open (I tested the port forwarding by using the website "You Get Signal".) When I try entering the external IP address (and the DNS address) it failed to connect. What might have happened? And also do I need to connect the PC to the modem/router along with the DVR?
  7. Hello DVR forums, I've been to this forum a few times and you guys seem to be great. But on to business; right now the network that I have setup goes like this: The internet is connected to a Modem/Router (TD-W8960N and also has the external IP address) which then connected to a simple router (TL-WR1043ND which as a internal IP address) which is in turn connected to a DVR set that I want to view over the internet along with the PC that I am connected to (as well as making this post). As you can see it's a quite a mess. And I did made a post about this few weeks ago and one poster recommended that either I can simply connect the DVR to the Modem/Router and port forward it to that. However if I connect the DVR to Modem/Router then I may need to have my PC be connected to the Modem/Router as well. This that true? Meaning do I have to have my PC be connected to the modem/router as the DVR Another idea that the poster made is to do a "double port forwarding" meaning I would have to first port forward the router on the modem/router and which I would port forward the DVR on the router that is port forwarded on to the modem/router. That idea unfortunely that did not work. There is a third option (which to be honest is quite tricky) and this was brought up by Tech Support that I called a few days ago. They say that if I wanted to keep my network as it is then would suggest this: one, I would disable DHCP on my router (which will turn it in to a wireless switch), two set up a static IP address for my PC. And three, port forward the DVR to the Modem/Router. The problem that I have with this that if try to set a static IP for my PC the computer would automatically detect that and would turn the DHCP on my PC back on. Does this mean I should try to set the static IP after I have turned off the DHCP on the router? Please help, this is a real problem and it giving me a headache. Any help would be great. -CasualBeta
  8. casualbeta

    Port Forwarding not working.

    ADMIN please close this thread.
  9. To forum, Right now my network goes like this: Internet to Modem/Router (that has a IP address of to Router ( to DVR. The question is that do I have to a double forwarding from my MR to R THEN to DVR? Because the last time I tried that it didn't work. Can you guys help? I'm not sure what to do. Thanks. P.S: If you guys need any question about this post then ask away.
  10. casualbeta

    Port forwding not working.

    2 question, first what is the port number of a my 2nd router? is there a way of finding that one out? and second does my computer have to be connected to the modem/router with in DVR system if I want to go for the 2nd solution? thanks you for reply man.
  11. Hi folks, I have a bit of a problem with my DVR system in regards to my networking. Right now the network is made of 2 devices. One a modem/router and the other is just a router. The DVR is connected to the latter device (router) as with the PC that I writing you guys. Before this setup was fine but now I am unable to view my DVR remotely (I can still view it fine locally). When I checked the port forwarding I used a website call "yougetsignal" to see if the port is open. Unforunalty it didn't. I don't know why it's acting up like this. Do you guys have any idea? Thanks. CasualBeta
  12. Hello folks, I need help with a 8 CH DVR system. Right now, the DVR system is working fine internally but when I use a DNS host name (in this case no-ip) I get nothing. I checked the porting using a website called "you get signal". And the port for my DVR are reported closed (for both web and media). Is there something worng with my network? Because right now the network is just a modem connected to a router then to DVR and thats it. What else can cause this? And help will be great. CasualBeta.
  13. casualbeta

    No video on web viewing

    Okay, then.
  14. casualbeta

    No video on web viewing

    I don't think so aibudo. There isn't any time limit imposed. Another question. Right now I got the DVR system working fine (can view the image on Web) but it is only limited to local view (meaning it is only viewable if device is connected to the same network as the dvr) but now I want to try to get the DVR system to be viewed remotely, the problem is that the IP address on the router is only a "local address" (ie. Can remote viewing be viewed on the local address? Or does the IP address on the router need to have a "outside address" (ie. in order for it to work? Any help will be great.
  15. casualbeta

    No video on web viewing

    Qustion!, Right the now the DVR system is fine but after hour or so the video stops working. Is the port is no good ?