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  1. brebenac

    Disk error on DVR

    Check your DVR log. Look for Reboot code similar to 0x05. If found, change s-ata cable and format HDD.
  2. brebenac


    Change S-ATA cables.
  3. brebenac

    NVR DS-7604NI-SE/P limits resolution

    export config from good nvr and import in bad one, does this fix it?
  4. brebenac

    Disappearing logs

    Yeah, it might be hacked. To confirm this, try to change other settings, like adding another user, or change current IP or recording mode. Restart and check if new settings are kept. Maybe also try a log clear or even factory reset it.
  5. I can see your port on your picture ..... Have you done this before ? yes the port is there but only can use tftp i can make video to explain what i mind by the way, i'm not expert on linux system could someone tell me which directory have the screen touch drivers? copy log: bin/sh: ?: not found # ls [1;34mbin[0m [1;34metc[0m [1;34mlib[0m [1;34mopt[0m [1;34msbin[0m [1;36mtmp[0m [1;34mutils[0m [1;34mdev[0m [1;34mhome[0m [1;34mmnt[0m [1;34mproc[0m [1;34msys[0m [1;34musr[0m [1;34mvar[0m # ls var [1;34mlib[0m [1;34mtmp[0m [1;34musr[0m # ls var/lib [1;34mmodules[0m # ls var/lib/modules # run up /bin/sh: run: not found # If touch is not in sync with screen position, just simultaneously press UNLOCK + MENU, it will take you to screen calibration (several targets to click). But if the image has a left or right shift, there is no cure for it. Just rollback the update.
  6. brebenac

    Dahua XVR7108H

    Yes, just make sure you choose a video output resolution from camera OSD (not in encode section of DVR)
  7. Have a little patience in there, I know what I am saying here.
  8. Hi there! There is a small 4 pin port inside the VTO that is used as a TTL serial port. Once you brick your device you can connect that port to a pc and use serial commands to revive the unit (as long as uboot is still working). However, I strongly recommend you NOT to alter the partitions on the VTO unless you have knowledge, tools and needed firmware files in order to restore your toy to original state. Having the telnet port open is really a bad idea, since this means the vto is using a really old version of firmware, connecting it to internet would make it vulnerable. I suggest you wait a while, dahua will release a firmware update to change only the audio files, it will work as a patch that can be applied to whatever current firmware version your VTO has, so no need to constantly editing the partitions everytime you update the unit.
  9. brebenac

    Dahua XVR7108H

    You will not be able to use the camera on full specs on this XVR. Your XVR supports maximum 2Mpix while camera is 4Mpix. You need to look for a different XVR to support 4Mpix, or connect the camera on HCVR (or XVR) 4Mpix, enter the OSD menu of the camera and set internal resolution of camera to 1080p and you will be able to use this camera on your XVR (but in 1080p resolution only).
  10. Well what do you expect with stupid questions. You have a plug and play dahua ..... And you are struggling Like I said are your Foscam compatable ???? Or do you not have a clue Hi Tom, we should be more relaxed when offering explanations. He is somehow right about his problem. What he did not "see" was the fact the nvr is using 2 different network adapters and has a problem managing network segments when using same subnet on both. In fact, the NVR uses 2 different adapters but does not offer switching capabilities between them. So, he should use NIC1 as 192.168.1.xxx, set to default interface (in order to have web and other ports assigned to it) and NIC2 as 192.168.2.xxx. Cameras should have the ip as 192.168.2.xxx connected to NIC2. This way all trouble is gone.
  11. brebenac

    Dahua DHI-HCVR72A16A-S3

    Actually, the capabilities for this model are: 16 channels ANY type (CVBS/HDCVI/IP) + 8 channels IP (@max5Mpix each, ONVIF/PSIA/General(rtsp url) compatible), with support for Intelligent video detection of IPcameras. Pretty neat, ha?
  12. brebenac

    What is causing this interference????

    Seems to be a parasite signal along your camera power input. If you are absolutely sure all cameras work fine with the power supply, and all power supply work fine with other cameras, and also all cables used have same issue, maybe the problem is a metallic support of the camera touching other metallic parts of the wall/support. Try connecting the camera on a short cable (1-2m) near the dvr. If image is clear, use the long cable, but keep the camera near the dvr also. If still clear image, move the camera under it's current position and at the end try to mount it back. It would also be a good idea to check if the image is distorted ONLY during the night, where the power needed by the camera increases.
  13. brebenac

    Help required - Dahua TFTP upgrade

    Try using Config Tool on port 3800 (not 37777). If it logs on, you still have a chance.
  14. brebenac

    wireless wire combo

    Brian, you could set static DHCP pool table for the MAC address of the cameras. Most of modern routers have this, so you could stay assured the cameras have always the same address set by DHCP. If you use static IP directly on camera, you should first check the DHCP pool size, in order to eliminate any possibility that your router could assign the same ip address you set on camera to a different "new" device joined in your network (e.g. Camera IP is and the router has DHCP addresses starting from the 9-th device added in your network could conflict with static ip of the camera...) Except for that, yes, you can stick to Dahua devices, SmartPSS (CMS) is quite user-friendly and you can also have pretty neat functions to use...
  15. brebenac

    Alarm Questions & Challenges w/ Dahua system

    First you have to ask the version V3.201.0000.0.R.20151120 from your supplier, since this is the last available for your model. A portion of the release info for this firmware version is: "This version’s IVS function is disabled in default; you need to enable it manually. The reason that IVS isn’t enabled is IPC in old version connected to NVR will be halted. Thus, in case of this trouble which users don’t use IVS function, this function is disabled. If you need to use IVS, please make sure the non-intelligent IPC is in the latest firmware version. Also IVS function for NVR4XXX only support IPC with IVS function in frontend." Once you have this version on your NVR, considering you have no other non-intelligent IPC, you can enter the general section of the menu and check the IVS box. After reboot you will have the IVS section in EVENT menu. Hope this helps.