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  1. http://www.farstarsec.com/productn.asp?ArticleID=1679 this is a good choice!
  2. Walteryubo

    High Quality Night Megapixel Camera

    Try LED Array camera
  3. DAHUA D1DVR and 700TVL IR camera with manual zoom and auto iris lens
  4. Walteryubo

    Gadspot 650TVL Dome Cameras

    Suggest to Buy SONY Effio 700TVL camera or Pixim WDR camera
  5. Walteryubo

    SOMA 7008/MX dvr?

    Never heard this brand before
  6. Walteryubo

    Mini pinhole/pcb camera

    Snake camera with 3.7mm pinhole camera and audio support
  7. Walteryubo

    kalatel ptz problem

    please check you PTZ dome 2,and change its ID code.
  8. Walteryubo

    Your View on 9040HIR

    This 9040HIR is a reasonable budget cam. Its an OEM camera named that way by that specific supplier. Better known as CD9040D3P http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&q=cd9040d3p&btnG=Google+Search&meta= for this camera CD9040D3P : 42PCS IR lamp,over 25m IR distance, no doubt about that.
  9. Walteryubo

    Mains Camera v 12v

    220V PSU is more convenient when you install the camera.
  10. 4ch PCI DVRcard will be a good choice.
  11. Walteryubo

    Extremes new Reg Camera

    wide dynamic range camera can be fit for it!
  12. Walteryubo

    NewDay Night cameras look snowy

    I find that the bright light coming into your camera directly!If your camera don' support bright light conmpressing function,that may caused the picture blurry!I suggest you change the camera position,avoiding the street lamp!
  13. Walteryubo

    say hello to frients

    This is walter,CCTV supporter,any question about our CCTV device,tell me freely! CCD camera,DVR and DVR card,monitor soeed dome camera,quad And so on! my email:farstartec@gmail.com
  14. Walteryubo

    NewDay Night cameras look snowy

    your camera is too bad on day and night function,I really think that your famous brand camera is fakes.