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  1. hi all, I am looking for the same thing Where i could find one of these products? I did not find a dealer to buy thx for your help porto
  2. hi all, Please help me. I add static route in linux like this : is ip of NVR range ip of switch settings in NVR (or may i use ????) result of route commande we can see route is added: I add ip-forward on NVR in telnet like this : result of login and command: To verify if ip_forward is run i use cat command, output is 1 (active): If the output is 1, it is enabled if 0, then it is disabled arp command: I dont know what's wrong may be range ip of switch settings (192.1.1.??) must be ?? What do you think?? Please help me Best regards porto
  3. hi all, I need your help to setup NVR network and switch settings to make it work. Thank's for your help Best regards porto
  4. hi all, Very good info but i dont have good results with NVR3204 I tried with NVR3204 and ipc2100 cameras connected and I can not connect to the cameras. What is the adjustment in the swicth settings of NVR? IP adress? Mask? Gateway? Http port of my NVR3204 is 80 What is the http port cameras? Thank you for your help
  5. Thank you very much for your advice. My ip cameras Dahua IPC-HFW3200C --PAL and Dahua IPC-HFW2100 --PAL are connected to the POE ports of Nvr in this way they are not visible in the network Lan. Do I have connect directly to the router and power supply 12v in order to make a possible update? thank's porto
  6. Hi all, I have these three Dahua products What is the latest firmware for: Dahua NVR3204-P --PAL Dahua IPC-HFW3200C --PAL Dahua IPC-HFW2100 --PAL What is the procedure for updating the NVR and IP cameras? Being a novice in the field and cctv Dahua I rely heavily on your help Thank's porto
  7. porto

    Hello all

    I am Manu and I am happy owner of a NVR and IP cameras Dahua I joined this forum Best regards