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  1. You need HIK "Format Convert" software Yes, that's what I downloaded but it was chinese. However I have subsequently downloaded something else of the same name which is English. However it still requires Windows but I will probably have to live with that
  2. I have a Hikvision hybrid DVR which generates prorietary MP4 files. I can get these on to a memory stick and therefore on to my computer but I cannot find any software that will convert to a more standard format. Ideally I want it to run on a Mac but I would settle for a Windows product running on a vuirutal machine if necessary. The only Hikvision software I can find is all in chinese.
  3. I have a Hikvision hybrid DVR and wish to position it in one building but I want to operate it from another building. I can remotely access the screen (either by extending the VGA output or using Hik-Connect) but need to extend the mouse - any suggestions ? I have Cat5 between the buildings, however the distance is about 100metres and I note that any USB extender products covering more than about 100ft are very expensive.
  4. Sorry about he delay but I am away working in Kenya and have not been keeping up with the forum. I am curious as to why you say CVI is better. As it happens the Hikvision cameras I have bought since our conversation support CVI as well, and likewise their hybrid recorders so I have the choice. One reason I like Hikvision cameras is because their ip cameras tend to be more Mac friendly than many e.g. one can access the camera from Safari without plugins.
  5. I do still want to sort the lip sync issue so I probably have to go hybrid and forget Security Spy. My preference between Dahua and Hikvision is Hikvision. I have used Dahua DVRs and Hikvision cameras in the past. So I guess that means TVI.
  6. I already have multiple Macs on the network and Security Spy is extremely well written and functional software by a British software author from whom I get first class support. I am prepared to p[ay a premium for that. I have used a lot of far Eastern DVRs and I find their UI curious to say the least.
  7. Because I would prefer to use ip cameras for most of the cameras. I have a number of reasons for preferring ip - PoE, ability to address individual cameras directly if necessary, and also I am Mac based and like a particular package called Security Spy.
  8. i'm not considering CVI because I want a network solution using the existing Cat6 wiring. And why do you think you can’t use your cat6 for cvi Since you started your post you have been talking sdi .... same thing will run on cat 6 You have just made a mistake in your last answer .... by not knowing what runs on cat6 And you think my answers are aggressive...... there not aggressive it’s I am trying to get a point across You don’t want ip because of lag ..... we understand that You want duel ip sdi cameras ......... don’t exist You want system to run on cat6 ....... which cvi tvi sdi does. So now we are back to your first question Why do you want old sdi And I think that’s a good enough question to start your post off again Just been reading up on CVI and I can see the advantage. Can you recommend video baluns that work well over ethernet. Looks like I will invest in hybrid DVRs - had your reply been a little kinder (rather than telling me I ought to be sacked) I might have got there quicker
  9. i'm not considering CVI because I want a network solution using the existing Cat6 wiring.
  10. You do jump down my throat. I never said I was proposing to buy that camera, it was simply a response to being told there was no such thing and it appeared to me that that advert said there was. I give up. I'll find a forum where the contributors are more friendly.
  11. I don't understand why it would be pointless. I want ip for its various advantages, but I want analogue specifically so I can project a live picture without lip sync problems.
  12. What about this - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PTZOptics-20X-SDI-2nd-Gen-White-IP-Streaming-Camera-Uk-stock-Free-Shipping/332582745545?epid=12011239249&hash=item4d6f79f5c9:g:tiEAAOSwKJFapR5O What about it ....... it’s still not hybrid it’s only sdi And you will not get that to work on your dvr Also that eBay £1.200 -$1.800 is junk. ..... so your not interested in any advice Sdi vs cvi Yes, I am interested in advice, why else would I post on this forum. Why do you feel the need to be so aggressive. I asked this question because I spoke to a techie at another church that told me they were using hybrid ip/SDI cameras and I believed him, hence why I started looking around. I now discover according to you that he was lying. Also, the advert I came across says "HDMI, HD-SDI, IP Streaming (All Simultaneous)" which to my simple mind seems to imply a hybrid. And yes I do understand I would need a different DVR - I have installed at least half a dozen ip based CCTV systems before. Is there anyone else on this forum who can confirm that what I am looking for doesn't exist.
  13. What about this - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PTZOptics-20X-SDI-2nd-Gen-White-IP-Streaming-Camera-Uk-stock-Free-Shipping/332582745545?epid=12011239249&hash=item4d6f79f5c9:g:tiEAAOSwKJFapR5O
  14. I have an analogue system in a church which I want to move to ip. However, I use a couple of the cameras to double as real time live cameras for projection on a screen. ip doesn't work for this due to lip sync issues. I believe there are cameras that support both ip and SDI analogue concurrently. Can anyone point me in the right direction as a Google search didn't turn anything up.