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  1. And how to send only emails with snapshot and without"Motion detect Start" & "Motion detect End" ?
  2. I'm also looking for NTP server for hkvision camera. What can you recommend ? clock.isc.org isn't working.
  3. BCS ist Dahua cameras. Two BCS cameras working very good.
  4. Because i have 3 cameras. Two BCS and one HIKVISION.
  5. Hi, I have HIKVISION DS-2CD2T42WD-I8 camera and android smartphone with IP Cam Viewer app. When I want to look on the camera I'm seeing something like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zsn91rlx6z461b3/c605e2f3b10045bd92f9e36d395d2f2e.png?dl=0 After around 5-10 second is normal view. But after every refresh I'm seeing screen like in that Foto or normal Screen. Why is this happen, and what can I do to fix it ?
  6. This is not bad, but I'm not 100% satisfied. For example, "Detecting move" function is not very good (when the sun was shining and the snow), and then the camera is motion detection. And I'm interesting or can I buy something better. Wide angle, dome vs bullet (indifferent), better with zoom but not necessary Till 300 Euro
  7. Hi, i have already 2 outdoors IP cameras: BCS-TIP4200 AIR BCS-DMIP1200AIR I want to buy one more, maybe you can recommend me something newer / better ? It must be outdoor and IP camera
  8. Hi, how to delete all fotos from BCS-NVR0401E harddrive ?
  9. Caporeira

    BCS-NVR0401E - Foto & Video copy

    Hi Thank you for your replay. I'm using SmartPSS but I want copy foto from NVR to my computer. SmartPSS can do this ?
  10. Hi, I have videos and photos on my BCS-NVR0401E . It is possible to copy foto to my computer with FTP or something like that ?
  11. Caporeira

    Dahua firmware

    This link doesn't work. Do you have any which working ?
  12. Thank you, for your answer. But for this I need computer ?
  13. Caporeira

    Dahua firmware

    With firmware will be compatible with this cameras ? * BCS-TIP4200 AIR (2.420.0003.0.R, build : 2014-10-15) * BCS-DMIP1200AIR (2.210.0000.0.R, build : 2014-04-02) And NVR: * BCS-NVR0401E
  14. Hi, it is possible to set different sensitivity area detection for snapshot and send email ? And different for recording ? https://www.dropbox.com/s/a04fmmfa9v77zmv/cam1.JPG?dl=0 My cameras Dahua: * BCS-TIP4200 AIR (2.420.0003.0.R, build : 2014-10-15) * BCS-DMIP1200AIR (2.210.0000.0.R, build : 2014-04-02)
  15. I don't spell it out, because I not in LAN network. In case my laptop will lost access, that I can't change settings. And if I want to have access from my smarptohne (mobile network) how can I add this smarphone do MAC Filtering ? MAC is only for WIFI not for mobile ? Thanks ! Ok, I tryed, and now I have no access (