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  1. I am working on my customer's old system (someone installed previously) and need the manual to setup the PTZ for the new DVR. I know, someone will say call the vendor. I did. Do you know what happened? The guy said they only serve the customers who buy the products from them. Asked me to prove that the PTZ was sold by EZcom. Can someone help me? Thanks, Roger
  2. Soundy, Thank you for your information. Can it be programmed more than one shot a day at different times? Do I have to setup a FTP server to store the photos? Do all iqeye cameras have this function? Roger
  3. I have a customer looking for a software/dvr to record 10 still photos everyday at a programmed certain time. I think this will be done with camera software and IP camera. Can anyone recommend a camera software? Thanks, Roger
  4. I have one project need to run 8 cameras about 1,100 ft and there is no power source for camera at the camera site. Can anyone help me and give me any good suggestions? The camera can be 12VDC or 24VAC. Thanks, Roger
  5. toughman

    Long distance camera power supply?

    We have 2 cameras at 400 ft, 1 camera at 600 ft, 1 camera at 700 ft, and 4 cameras at 1,100 ft.
  6. toughman

    HTC Pro 2

    You can download it from their web site: usavisionsys.com
  7. I am looking for a center video backup software: 1. Schedule backup after work hours. 2. Mulit-location video backup. 3. Support different DVR or NVR. If number 3 can not be done, it is OK to use the supported DVR or NVR. Thanks, Roger
  8. As long as it works, conduit is not an issue. Thanks! Roger
  9. I have a project and the only way I can pull the cable is along with the fluorescent lights. Will the fluorescent light will cause problem? How come? Will rg59 or cat5 make different? Thanks! Roger
  10. Thank you very much for all your info. Some cables have to go along with the fluorescent lights and they will be very closed to each others about 2~3 inches. I am thinking to use cat5 cable with baluns. Does anyone have a better solution if the cable has to go with the fluorescent light? Thanks, Roger
  11. I think I didn't ask the right question. Can fluorescent ballast cuase problem if the rg59 is very closed to it? Thanks.
  12. toughman

    Small Town Install

    Have done this before? Did it work? Roger
  13. I have a project and need your help... My customer has five different locations at different cities and already have non-ip cameras installed. The number of cameras is about 40 and no DVR for each site. He wants to have DVR or NVR to do recording for each site. In addition, he wants to view all cameras at his main office. What will be your solution for this project? Do you think a "central video management software" can handle all cameras through internet at the same time? Thanks! Roger
  14. toughman

    Wireless selection?

    thewireguys, what kinf od DVR did you use? Thanks! Roger
  15. I have a project to link one camera wirelessly to the DVR. It is about 1300ft with trees and houses between them. Can someone please tell me what is the best solution? Analog wireless? Digital wireless? Cost under $2,000.00 for the transmitter/receiver should be ok. Thanks! Roger
  16. toughman

    Wireless selection?

    Thank you very much for your reply! That is one of the options with IP system. Can anyone share with me a good working outdoor access point for my project? Thanks, Roger
  17. toughman

    Wireless selection?

    That is my question too. Should I use digital or analog? Thanks! Roger
  18. I have a project for a house and the cables to the TV are pre-wired. I need to send the video output of the DVR to the TV. However, they use these two pre-wired cables for their local TV antenna and TV satellite and there is no one for the DVR video output. Can anyone please tell me how to do video modulating to either the local TV antenna cable or TV satellite cable? Thanks! Roger
  19. Has anyone used a good NVR/DVR which can handle 32 or >32 network cameras? Can you please share with me? Thanks Roger
  20. Can anyone please give me a good DVR/NVR for the following network cameras? Panasonic WV-NF284, Sony SNCDF40N, Bosch NWD-455V03-20P, Toshiba IK-WR01A, Pelco IP110-CHV9 I have not picked the camera yet and the total cameras will be more than 50. If you have any idea about the cameras, please tell me that too. I want a good matched system. Thanks! Roger
  21. I am searching the similar products to replace this camera, PAN-WV-NF284. I have found Sony SNCDF40N will do the job. Can anyone give me more cameras with brand and model number? Thank you! Roger
  22. toughman

    more than 30 camera installation.

    Recently, I installed one 32-ch PC based system about 6 months ago. So far so good... I used Tibet card. The only problem is you need a motherboard with 4 PCI slots. I have tried different ATI video cards and only X300 worked.
  23. toughman

    DVR Card

    I use tibet cards. It is very easy to use. I don't feel it is one of the best cards on th market. One day, one of my customer brought his system with GV850 bought from someone and asked me to remove it and replaced it with CS16 (Tibet). He couldn't figure out how to operate it with GV850. With Tibet card, I can teach my customers to operate the system within 20 minutes. From the photo, I can't tell which card it is. I have CS16 on my hand but it is a little bit different. I have seen the cloned Tibet cards before.
  24. toughman

    Gview help!

    Thank you for your reply. I found out the answer. I need to enable the mobile option under web selection.