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    CCTV setup for farm

    Just seen this. Not sure if it helps much Farmer Ted , but we have a PTZ camera in the main cow cubicle shed . Its in the top apex of the shed centrally (sheds 100 by 100 ft ) and we find it has been a boon as we can leave it on auto and let it 360 so that we cover the whole area whilst we watch from the sofa . Another ptz in the centre o the calving shed . Beauty is you can zoom in on the cows rear to see exactly whats going on ! Ours are all on co ax with analogue cameras mind
  2. Thanks Tom , very helpful and informative !!?
  3. I was thinking stay at 4 ,but what the point in that ,might as well have some extra capacity so an 8 ,unless theres a six https://www.dtsdigitalcctv.co.uk/proddetail.asp?prod=DVR-8CH-A72-BP This seems to fit the bill more??? I have found it at another site a bit cheaper than that , so around £100 with a 1 gb drive fitted . https://digitalpromo.co.uk/blupont-8-channel-ahd-hd-dvr-digital-cctv-video-recorder-for-cctv-cameras-no-hdd.html Not sure if they are both the same? The hard drive in the Alien but might be worth changing out to the new one or would you buy a fresh one ? £41 for a 1g Sata ? Thinking about it , better to bugger it off complete ,otherwise it,ll be going to the tip in a few yrs
  4. Hi Tom , Thanks for the consise reply!!? When you say hybrid 5 in 1 would something like this fit the bill? https://www.dtsdigitalcctv.co.uk/proddetail.asp?prod=DVR-8CH-A72-BP Seems cheap ,maybe a better bet?https://www.dtsdigitalcctv.co.uk/proddetail.asp?prod=IQR1080D8 It should be capable of running the older cameras and the 1080p I still have !?? (I returned the 720 p one ) Would my older PTZ cameras be Standard/960H ?? Not sure I have the manuals handy at the minute but they were not cheap Thanks again
  5. I have recently been trying to perform maintenance on my 7 year old CCTV analogue system! Its run via co ax for video, cat 5 for rs485 and a seperate 2 core quality power wire . It was installed by a chap I wished I had never seen but I got that involved with his hapless installer ,I got a serious grounding in how it worked and set up! So now I have one PTZ out of 3 that didnt come on any more and another that came on but went into self test mode and no RS485 movement! Sorted the cat 5 cable connections to get the RS485 problem sorted and the one works ok now-the other had a dodgy power connection (damp and corrosion) thats sorted ,so thats working of sorts! Having assumed it was dead in the first place, I bought a 1080 p camera from China , to find my Alien EKO DVR wont run 1080p. I then bought a Hikvision 720p analogue and found the default address is 0 and the Alien wont accept 0 as an address,so had to return it! Any ideas where I can buy an older style ,pref manual dip switch ,or at least a default of 1 on a non manual dip ??? I know changing the DVR wopuld make most sense but honestly I dont need the extra mither involved with doing that!! I think in the end thats what I will do ,then I can use the 1080p camera I still own (cost me £110.)but meantime I prefer! Might just be easier ! Cheers for looking
  6. Hi, Had an analogue system for eight years or so now ! It does what it always has and I dont intend to upgrade for a while to digital. But recently ,one of the outdoor cameras in a building has stopped responding to the remote . Since then the pigeons have made a homeon it so I think its had its day This camera has been linked via the cat 5 , to another ptz camera that ceased functioning a yr or s ago ! Its right in the apex of a steel shed so having been flaky for some time I have left it non functioning . The camera in the calving pen next to it worked until a month ago , and this is the one I need working .. It still works ,as in switches on , self tests itself ,so spins here and there and zooms like it does before you try and control it , so is viewable but not controllable ! I have tried altering or resetting the protocols but to no avail The origianl T connection was done by baring the pairs and soldering two into one , not easy and fragile at best . I expect one of the links has now broken (but I cant confirm that with the other paired camera ,but on different protocol, because its goosed ) https://uk.farnell.com/tuk/f78whb/connection-box-cat5e-white/dp/2534563?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrqjIiMrC6gIV0u3tCh2Ibwo4EAQYAyABEgKklPD_BwE&gross_price=true&mckv=srkOFBOMR_dc|pcrid|432009988489|plid||kword||match||slid||product|2534563|pgrid|103100107409|ptaid|pla-900675783731|&CMP=KNC-GUK-SHOPPING-Connectors-NEWSTRUCTURE-Test113-MarinBidding Now ,my question is , if I redo the connection , can I use one of these ? My idea was to connect the two pairs to the single pairs and refit a new ptz camera for the shed apex (but easier to access) at the same time ! Thanks for looking ?
  7. Capt Chaos


    Hi , Just dropped in to say thanks for having me!! I have a problem ,which is most probably how quite a few come to join ,I expect? Anyway , I hope to glean some nice tips for here !! Thanks again , CC