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  1. Hi there, I have an 8 channel IQ CCTV brand DVR. I have standard irish 'netopia' router. Having issues setting up remote access over the web for the dvr. I can get it working on local network, accessible by anything using the same router. Has anyone done this and can help me?
  2. samwise

    CCTV ghosting problem

    Thanks for the reponses. Ran a cat5 cable across the ground today and sure enough it solved the problem! Twisted pairs ftw!
  3. samwise

    CCTV ghosting problem

    Thanks guys. The 10 pair cable is buried underground so I really dont want to have to dig it up! Would doubling up wires cut down on crosstalk or would it just weaken the signal? Could it be related the a PSU problem? I have checked the power supply and its giving 12v properly on all wires and is more than rated for the job, amperage wise.
  4. samwise

    CCTV ghosting problem

    As far as i can see wires are all straight within the plastic insulation. (not twisted or paired). There are 10 white wires and 10 other colors. By split pairs do you mean broken/damaged pairs?
  5. Hi all, Installed a system for a family member consisting of 3 cameras in an outside shed for watching animals calving etc. However, I am getting very bad interference problems that I can not seem to fix. First time working with cameras so any help would be greatly appreciated! So the system has 3 cameras. (2 dome IR and 1 bodied). These are inside 2 sheds and wired back to a central box using RG59 shotgun cable. (Carrying video and 12v power). Inside this box I have connected the 12v and crimped BNC plugs onto the RG59 cable. I have connected these BNC plugs into standard cat5 baluns and wired into a 10pair external cable that runs 80m to the house. Inside the house I have put baluns onto the cable and attached into DVR. On the monitor inside when viewing any camera I can see the images from the other cameras strobing across the screen. Looking online I can see what is refereed to as crossbleed or ghosting. Hope the picture below makes sense.