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  1. Hi Guys, Recently my boss wanted to view our office CCTV from his house. After setting had been done, we can view it internally with no problem at all. But we having problem view it outside of office network. DDNS had been set inside our modem and we can launch the DVR's browser page by http://XXX.dyndns.org:88 address (where 88 is the http port) but during log on it prompt this error 1) Timeout when getting data from server 2) Not Enough Buffer Size Is DDNS settings inside DVR neccessary? I have no authority on DDNS username & password since it been setup by our 3rd party vendor and they use the same account to purchase dydns domain for other companies too, which is the reason he cant give us the username & password. I've contact our local CCTVvendor and he said DDNS setting inside DVR is compulsory but in other opinion my friend said it is not neccessary as long you know the externall IP address of the modem. need help...huhu Thanks Azhan Kuantan