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  1. primalair

    Dahua firmware

    Interesting. What's the failure? Does the camera work correctly as a QSee? It could be that the QSee software has code to keep you from flashing a QSee to Dahua firmware, and is preventing you from changing. In that case, you'd need to do the TFTP update from the full software package, which requires a special serial cable. So far, this is only availalbe from Dahua suppliers; I don't know of any end users who have used this system yet. The Camera is not fully functional but works with less features at least. If I try to flash, the web gui uploades the firmware but hangs after that. If I try it by the Config Tool it doesn't work either....
  2. primalair

    Dahua firmware

    Btw I still have two untouched, brand new, KingDisplay KDW-HD64RC83 (same as Dahua IPC-HDBW3300). If someone is interested I would sell them for 200$ + shipping (each). As I am a private seller I can not give any warrianty but if whised i can test the device before I ship it. I bought them direct from Kingdisplay some months ago. Think it's only interesting for someone from Europe.
  3. primalair

    Dahua firmware

    HI all I played around with different firmwares on my Dahua IPC-HDBW3300. Unfortunately i flashed the QCN8001D-FW20120928 to the device. Now, i can still connect to the camera even by telnet but i can't flash back to General_IPC-HX3XXX_Eng_P_V2.103.0000.0.R.20120724. Any Ideas how i can get back? Any chance to do an update by telnet? I'tried updating via web and via config tool. Both failed. Thanks and regards from Switzerland Marcel