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  1. Has anyone had any experience with these cards the software looks pretty good and they use onboard compression, so I was wondering if anyone has tried these cards?
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    Dealer and Business access

    Hay guys, I am a founding memeber - can I have my access back please
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    Bosch Access Control

    I heard Bosch have their own Access Control Company now, anyone tried their stuff?
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    Any feedback on Axxon Soft?
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    Looking for Feedback 3S Vision Taiwan

    Thanks - any others?
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    Looking for Feedback 3S Vision Taiwan

    Has anyone dealt with this company before - there cameras look pretty good?
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    NAS Storage for Geovision 96 CH System

    Hi, I have an old site where there are 3 x 32 Input analogue Geovision systems, the client wants 6 Months storage - I am loathe to open the box and use all four slots for HDD's - having to re-install Geo, and I dont really want to use a raid controller. I am pretty sure the mainboard has multiple nics - so was considering a NAS type setup - but was wondering if all 96 cams record at once, how it would go bandwidth and diks read/write speed wise. has anyone atempted this and can the Geo map to a network drive? Lastly, if it all records on network drives, and there are still large drives in the machines, can it be set as a fall back - ie when network stops, it will write to the local drives, I dont mean - write to the local drives then to the network drives, I mean ONLY use the local drives upon network failure?
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    NAS Storage for Geovision 96 CH System

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    NAS Storage for Geovision 96 CH System

    Thnaks Guys, I have not used Geo in an age, last time i did the CMS was just a motion or alarm activated montioring station, are you saying that it now can be recorded directly, to it, would the viewlog file see this as standard? I might just open the box's and put in 4 drives, just means reloading the OS and I am not even sure the bios will se the 4tb drives, but certainly seems cheaper and easier with less chance of corruption - just hate opening 3- 4yr old machines - something always goes awry. I assuming there is no way to "overnight backup" these devices (just too much data I assume) ie they would have to be offline to back up for far too long.
  10. Ok - so I have been away a few years, but when this forum was set up and ther was just a few of us (yes I am a founding memeber - even if that has now gone from my description) - The aim of this forum was to educate the end user on why NOT to buy cheap junk products from China, the issue was that Installers and system integrators were facing competition because of a lack of knowledge by the end user and cheap imports installed by back yarders. But after returning to this forum after many years away....all I see is cheap nasty product being bandied around by almost everybody - I am not going to pretend that Chinese QA has gotten better and NO I am not racist, my GF is Asian - and hell I have imported some cheap junk before... but almost everyone is pushing these cheap junk systems. The end users are relying on us to inform them of quality products... so what gives... I heard a disturbing accustation that product PDF links are changed to other cheap brands and that other products are not allowed to be shown to end users - please tell me this is false Larry????? Again - this forum was set up when Larry wanted to learn more - there was no decent forum at the time - so he created one to assist others....how has it been hijacked by cheap imported crud?
  11. Actually u are right..I was talking analogue not ip cam...
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    Help selecting switch to deliver PoE

    Please be wary, although all switches are rated to a certain bandwidth measurement, not all can handle that bandwidth being constantly high - as is the case with constant video streams. I would not try for a single switch as this gives a single point of failure that would lose all cameras - having multiple switches is a much better idea.......we use these, but they are re-branded I assume http:// http://www.pacom.com.au/common/Pacom/Files/S81303%20VSW9164.pdf
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    Cant find a storage calculator, can someone estimate

    trading hours are around 65% duty cycle and quite busy constantly
  14. Need to supply 3 x 32 Ch Geo boxes GV1240 x 2 = 32 cams Need to know an estimate of storage requirement - All analogue cams - 640x480 - 32 per box - needs 365 days storage (yes thats correct 12 months) at around @12fps per camera so 96 cameras @ 12fps for 12 months Mpreg4 = how much per 32 ch DVR
  15. Elitism huh? Thats a new one, the thing I think many are missing here is that - the branded products are not that much more expensive, its just that you have not looked - personally if its going to be an extra $30 per camera to get a brand like samsung - I know what I would be doing, I would hate the asset that I was protecting to be lost or hurt, just becasue I wanted to save $30 a camera sorry but YumCha - Da** - or whatever you call it is cheap and will not last long, so what you save now you will pay again ina few years
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    What has happened to this forum

    Which IMHO is the reason that the forum was started - obviously wrong about that. I have a question, is it actually legal to home install (yourself) CCTV in the USA, because one must be licenced here, In fact legally to offer any advice (including in forums here) one must be licenced - pretty suprised that is not the case in the US as well. To sell security, install it or give advice - requires a licence in most countries I have ever been in ---- is this the case in USA
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    What has happened to this forum

    Is there a "Consultant" group..Im not really an integrator?
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    What has happened to this forum

    There is a big difference in Manufacturing something and assembling it, also although Larry is correct that a a lot is "made" in asia - that does not mean that it has not gone through a QA process that is non Asian.. for example a lot of the majors now move to cheap assembly plants - however they dont use the cheapest possible electronics and the QA process is handed dwon from ex European standards and therefore QA testing is better. Considering how many people are in here and the lack of reputable brands being mentioned - I am concerned, the biggest players int he industry now offer cheaper ranges of parts - and that would not be a lot more than the cheap chinese crud I am seeing bandied about in here - but its not mentioned. Larry, I am happy to contribute my valuable time - but not if its true that people suggesting parts have their suggestion changed to a "favoured" product.. I would like some clarification if this has occurred and will continue to occur and if so - why - are they sponsoring the site through advertising?
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    VLans or another actual network...

    I would run two seperate networks and bridge at a single point - if you only have one server that needs to view it - also if those cisco's are managed switches then - you should just set up QOS and make a threshold that the cameras can not exceed, Most cameras allow bandwidth throttling at the camera anyhow. Some hybrid DVR/NVR devices have two nic's for this exact reason
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    Hi Again Guys

    Good to be back lads.....here is hoping I can help some peeps - greetings from Queensland Australia.....so does Rory still hang here?
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    How do I convert Geovision saved AVi's to WMP avis?

    Only ever used the Geo codec... but you could try VLC PLayer as it may play the files (could be just that I have the codec installed though)
  22. Hi Larry - can I have my "founding member" back, could I be changed from Installer to Consultant and could I have access to the private areas and dealer areas - pretty please
  23. You actually had 4 options 4/ Buy a decent product from a propoer installer instead of cheap nasty product
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    Verint Encoders?

    What model axis?
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    Outside cameras small office building.

    ...because its cheap chinese garb?