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  1. peter4sks

    60fps high frame switch

    Hi, Preferably a Gigabit switch (Each port can handle up to a gigabit at a time) But realistically, A HD camera at 60fps is probably using 20mbps Max. So you should be ok on almost any switch.
  2. peter4sks

    Video redaction software

    I'm ever increasingly being asked to redact video footage (blur faces of people not involved in an incident) and was wondering if anyone has an easy, secure and cheap way of doing it. I'd like a buy once piece of software if possible, and don't want to use the cloud. Basically under GDPR regulations, any footage given to solicitors etc need to have customers faces blurred. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. peter4sks

    Hello i have a big problem

    Even if it's a new DVR it might've been on a shelf somewhere for a long time. If changing the battery doesn't work then try checking the solder on the battery connection.
  4. peter4sks

    Hello i have a big problem

    Hi,, Sounds like the BIOS battery is dead in the DVR. It has probably reset to the Default password. Replace the BIOS battery and try the default Password Peter
  5. Hi Guys, Is anyone here familiar with the Vigilant elite system? It uses the Viewstation software. I replaced a drive (Drive 3) and thought that the system would just rebuild the raid and reboot and work... Now that the drive has been removed, it won't start up.. I thought that these DVRs were run in either raid 1 or 5? Does anyone know how to access the raid interface on these DVRs? (it's not CTRL+i) I'm hoping that I Just need to start the raid rebuild manually. Any info would be great. Thanks for any help you have. P
  6. peter4sks

    NXMS Software?

    Good morning ladies and Gentlemen. I have recently taken over a job where they are running multiple Dowshu recorders. The recorders are viewed and managed by a piece of Software called NXMS which is a pretty nice multi monitor/Video Wall solution. The only problem is, I don't know who owns the software. I would imagine the software is third party and probably works across multiple camera systems. Has anyone come across this "NXMS" software before and if so do you know who makes it? I would like to buy additional licenses for it and possibly use it for other DVRs that I currently work with. Many thanks Peter
  7. peter4sks


    Hi CCTC_Suppliers, I managed to fix this DVR, Many thanks for your help. I had made a backup of the O/S which I had made previously which I had forgotten about. Reinstalled it and all is o.k now. Thanks for your help. Somehow the software had became currupt. I will keep your tips on hand for future reference. Many thanks
  8. peter4sks


    Thanks AK357, I have a pc power supply tester which shows the Supply to be o.k. I have also replaced it with a new one and the fault hasn't disappeared Thanks
  9. peter4sks


    Thanks for the quick reply. The Caps look fine. No Bulging or bursting on them. They look pretty good. The power supply is giving a clean 12V + and - and the 5 and 3.3 are clean too. As i said the Windows o/s seems to be running fine. Thanks for the quick reply! ** If i stop the DVR software from running, the machine will work perfectly in windows mode. When I launch the DVR program the system reboots almost immediately
  10. Trigger your camera to look in different directions when your alarms are triggered (by sensors or remote switching) You can use your outputs to open gates, Turn on lights, Arm/disarm alarms.. Possibilities are endless really. You could hook up a sub machine gun on a rotating motor that would kill anyone that walked on your lawn!! (not Recommended)
  11. peter4sks


    Hey all, got a Job of fixing an intellex DVR. The Dvr starts and runs as far as when the DVR software goes to start. I then get a Windows message saying that the DVR is going to reboot. it does, and the process starts again. It looks to me like the software can't find the capture card so I'm wondering if there is a small program for detecting/testing the capture card on the intellex DVMS. I had a quick look in c:\Drivers etc but couldn't find anything. Any help would be much appreciated. I have also tested the HDD's etc and they are all fine. The windows end seems 100% Many thanks
  12. peter4sks

    CCTV Engineer from Ireland

    Hey Neutech, yes that psa thing is crazy. It's fine for the guys in big companies but someone starting off has to pay 3000Euro for it. Thats before you buy a van or pay insurance or anything. It's very hard for guys starting out but i'm sure it will get rid of alot of "casual" guys. Don't know how they're are really going to enforce it either (Especially with domestic installations). You can buy gear from anywhere online and who's going to tell you if you can fit it or not? thanks for the Welcome Numb-nuts
  13. peter4sks

    CCTV Engineer from Ireland

    Engineer/technician from Dublin Ireland. Working in CCTV for over 12 years. I hope to help people but more importantly get help from you guys. Specialize in DVR repair, Networking and installation..