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  1. And you've been following along behind me, making snide comments. I prescribe a quiet drink and some soothing music.
  2. Tom, take a drink, get some valium, mellow out. How did my honest answers to questions on here get your blood pressure up so much? I'm sorry I have endangered your health. Please, I really didn't mean to upset you so much.
  3. easygibson

    Why does anyone still use analog/DVR systems?

    Pay-phones worked for longer than that. Find one today. I still like to use my CB radio. It's fun but not many still out there. We do integrate into existing systems when necessary but I couldn't justify trying to sell outdated technology to my customers. We try to provide the best quality product we can find. When I first started doing this I was put off by what I saw as a huge price tag. Until I found that the other companies were selling analog systems for more $ than my IP/digital systems cost. Per camera? Absolutely, analog is cheaper. Per system, with comparable coverage? Analog isn't even close.
  4. That's easy. Usually, we can use one Mobotix in place of four or more analog. Coax is more expensive than Cat5. Power consumption for Mobotix is far less [MOD: link removed], Mobotix are stand-alone: no DVR cost. Outdoor install is easier and cheaper as they don't need enclosures. Smart search capabilities of the Mobotix (or MOST IP/digital) reduces personnel time. For comparable coverage, my bids are almost always 20%-30% less than any of the companies in our area who are still driving buggys (using analog).
  5. easygibson

    Should I be expecting higher quality than this?

    I can't think of a reason to use analog cameras/DVRs with coax cable any more. That's kind of like using a buggy instead of a car. Neat maybe but not efficient. Maybe this will help. [MOD link removed] We primarily install Mobotix cameras. If our customer is REALLY worried about a few hundred dollars price difference we might use Geovision brand cameras but for quality/price/ease of use, Mobotix wins every time for us.
  6. easygibson

    On security camera brands

    i still can't believe that anyone would recommend any system other than IP digital cameras. By far the leader of the industry is Mobotix. This might help. [MOD: link removed]
  7. easygibson

    Which cameras to buy?

    I totally disagree. We use Mobotix cameras and have set up many wireless systems in parking lots and even remotely. No problems. The problem arises because so many are still using outdated technology. [MOD: links removed]
  8. easygibson

    Outdoor camera hardwired 110V

    Mobotix cameras would fix that. They have adapters for using them with 110, can be set up for wireless or stand-alone operation and can tie into your existing computer network. We install them on parking-lot signs, outdoor light poles and other such places all the time.
  9. easygibson

    Looking to buy New Camera System

    Hi there: The best camera solution, in my opinion, is Mobotix. My wild guess at a complete install and setup of a Mobotix Q24 camera if you were in our area, would be between $2000 and $2500 but this would be your best solution. If you have a fairly powerful computer to use as an NVR then you could install a Geovision FE110 with a ceiling mount. They are a little less expensive than the Mobotix brand cameras but you need a computer to run the NVR software. Total install cost (again, if you were around here) would be $1500-$2000 if we use your computer. Add the cost of a good compter otherwise. Shop around for local security companies but, in my opinion, anyone who tries to sell you an analog system with DVR and so on is doing you no service. One digital IP camera can do your whole room without a problem. Remember. Digital. IP. Hemispheric. http://www.mobotix.com http://www.geovision.com.tw/english/index.asp Good luck. [MOD: links removed]
  10. We primarily use Mobotix cameras. We have been able to adapt them to any situation we've found so far. [MOD: link removed]
  11. Analog cameras are dead. There is no reason for a respectable security company to string another inch of coax. Analog: Recorded resolution is not as good, ease of operation is not as good and price is higher overall. I see talk of Lamborgini vs Taurus. It's not even that good. It's Lamborgini vs buggy. And not a Lamborgini price. Most of my bids have been at least 20% lower than the local competitors and we're doing all IP/Digital, usually Mobotix.
  12. easygibson

    Remote Camera

    Mobotix cameras can be set up with solar power and are stand-alone so they can record to a card. If there is a cellular signal they can even be configured to use cellular internet so you can access them from home/office and have the recording go to the "cloud". Nighttime vision is B/W at 1.3 Megapixel. The Mobotix cameras are the best ones for this but there are other IP cameras which can be set up with solar panels or batteries and record to themselves. [MOD: link removed]
  13. I'e been reading posts on this forum, trying to get a feel for what people are saying and doing and I finally feel like posting something. I don't understand why anyone is still using analog cameras through DVRs. That should be a dead industry with the advent of IP cameras. Digital IP systems provide higher resolution video with fewer cameras at a lower cost overall. When I get done bidding an install my bid is almost always at least 20% lower than my competition and I'm providing more and better coverage. On top of the vast advantages of IP systems themselves, we use Mobotix cameras which just plain run over any other IP system for quality and use and are usually comparable in pricing to any other IP system we use. MOD: promotional links removed I guess the real reason for my post is I am asking this group to please explain the advantages of CCTV and DVR systems over any decent IP camera system. i am confused as to why the old technology is even still being sold.
  14. easygibson

    Camera comparison help

    I don't understand why anyone is still using cameras like these. We use Mobotix cameras for almost every install now. I don't set up DVRs or NVRs any more and my overall bids are almost alweays way under the companies who are using older technology.