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  1. Had a situation at a job where I replaced some pretty old Netgear IP cameras with a new Honeywell HRG 8 channel 500GB dvr. The old system had remote log-in capability by using a static IP and an Android ap. Customer gave me old documentation that showed the Comcast static IP as well as all the gateway, subnet, DNS, and port info. Here's some of what it said- IP address Subnet Mask Default Gateway When I plug this information into the DVR I can't connect at all. When I verified my laptop's network properties it shows two gateway IP addresses. One is the Netgear switch gateway and the other is the Comcast static IP gateway. When I enable DHCP on the DVR and connect to its 192.168.7.xxx IP and port, I can communicate with it while i'm physically on that network. Just can't get to the DVR from the outside world using this static. Anybody have any thoughts of what's going on?