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  1. daviansmith

    Cannot configure CCTV remote viewing

    Hi, I read about your problem and its seems that you need some professional assistance. there are so many professional security installer, you can find them online. I believe you need to discuss your problem with them and they will get some sound solution.
  2. Hi, I am totally agree with you there may not need to buy a new IP Camera because of missing of some technical support, I think you to need some technical aid. There are so many Professional CCTV Installer available, you need to talk with them and you will sure get a positive result.
  3. daviansmith

    Convert Camera to Wireless?

    Hi, You can use IP Camera instead of your old wired camera and with the help of NVR system. I would like to suggest you to consult with professional Camera Installer for better results and various options.
  4. Hi, It is good that you decided to get some security camera installation at your home. I believe that you need some technical assistance for your desired results and installation, i suggest you to talk with some professional CCTV camera installer and you will definitely get some fruitful result.
  5. daviansmith

    swann and PTZ control, not working

    Hi Dear, I read out your problem, it is really so unfortunate that this problem does not overcome after these many efforts, it may be because of any wrong setting or it may be some technical fault, in my view you should consult with some professional Camera Installer and i believe you will get sure results in a positive way.
  6. daviansmith

    CCTV Design for Warehouse

    Hello, You need to install a complete Security system with a best networking system. I believe you may consult with professional CCTV Installer, they may definitely help you to install Complete CCTV system according to your needs.
  7. daviansmith

    Anyone use mini/small cameras?

    Hi, I read about your problem and i think you need some professional CCTV installer assistance. There are some good professional Security camera installer you need to talk to them. I strongly believe that you will found certain results of your choice.
  8. Hi, Why you want to switch from Dahua, what features you don't like about it. You can buy a IR camera to enhanced night vision or a HD IP camera. I suggest you to discuss with a professional Camera Installer for get some better results.
  9. daviansmith

    New System help

    Hi! A few months back I had the same problem which you are facing now, I suggest you to get discuss some professional Security System Installer for know about the better product in your budget. They may help you to get rid of this confusion.
  10. Hello! If you want to switch to 4mm from 3.2mm lens, there is a lots of option available in online market. You need to consult with some professional Camera Installer for correct guidance. They may help you to get sound solution.
  11. daviansmith

    DVR Suggestions?

    It is good that you are searching for a wide range and good quality of security Cameras, you should check various websites regarding these equipment or discuss it with professional installers. In fact i also visit nexlar.com and get sound results.
  12. daviansmith

    First time CCTV homeowner and clueless

    Hello! I read out your problem and suggest you to go and discuss with some professional CCTV Installer as it is difficult to know online what problem you are facing exactly and to give solution without understanding the correct thing as it is not a easy task.
  13. daviansmith

    Who should i buy from?

    It depends which type of equipment you need. You need to talk with some professional Security System Installer, they can guide you better according to your need or visit online for getting a wide range of Equipments.
  14. daviansmith

    Which cameras to buy?

    Hi! I think you should consult with professional CCTV installer or Security System Installer for better options, they will help you to get what you want or visit online in fact I also got the better option there at nexlar.com
  15. daviansmith

    Thinking of buying a swann cctv package. Any good?

    Hello! Thinking of getting a new CCTV is a great idea, but i suggest you to go for all available options in market. Do not stick with only a single option. I suggest you to discuss with professional CCTV Camera installer, they can help you out about the right kind of security camera and i believe you may got a better option.