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  1. teejaylima

    stand-alone dvr network set-up

    You have to understand that this is an inbound connection, someone on the outside of the network is connecting on the network to see your DVR. The connection comes from the internet, so your ISP router needs to know where to send it too, which is your inside router. And then your router needs to know also where to send a connection to a given port, your DVR's IP. Thanks for the help...I finally figure it out and it worked on these settings I disabled my local router's (where my DVR is connected) port forwarding and Port range forwarding... then on the security tab - I disabled the "filter anonymous request"option (the one that hides ports on the network). I configured my DVR ports on the port forwarding options on my ISP's router and restarted it to apply changes. I checked my new IP address since my Home connection is dynamic and asked my brother to remote access my DVR and it worked.....I guess its the firewall thing on my router that restricts access on my DVR ports I even tried it through android mobile, remote PC and remote client software and its working fine. Now my next goal is to try using a DDNS to compensate with my ever changing I.P - I'll post another subject on that as soon as I have my DynDNS subscription... Thanks dude!
  2. teejaylima

    cctv on line

    I'm having the same trouble on networking and I desperate for some help. So what if I'm using 2 routers? where will I configure the port forwarding? I have a local router that distributes my internet connection via LAN and wifi (ill name it as LOCAL ROUTER) while my 2nd router is from my ISP. At 1st, I did the port forwarding on my local router. I added the DVR IP and forwarded all ports (Client/web and mobile). Then I tried to access my Dvr through another internet connection by entering my home's external IP address. This didn't work. I then disabled the port forwarding on my LOCAL router and configure the router from my ISP. Since my LOCAL router is the only device connected from my ISP's router - I forwarded my DVR ports using my local router's IP address. this didn't work either. Lastly, I tried to forward the DVR ports on my local router then forward the LOCAL router's IP on my ISP's router. it didn't work. So now I'm very confused....I can access and view my DVr through LAN but not on remote via PC and MOBILE app
  3. teejaylima

    Hard drive format type

    There is no jumper on SATA HDs, and being a WD AV-GP 1.5Tb HD it is surely SATA. Master/slave jumpers are only for IDE (ATA) HDs. right " title="Applause" />
  4. Everyone, Good day, I need help on this - I've been trying to figure out the appropriate network settings for my DVR. I'm using a dynamic internet connection and the DVR is imported from china (uses e-seenet as web server). The web server requires the DVR's esee ID and based on the manual I could remote access my DVR as soon as I forwarded the ports and connect the DVR to the internet. It could be remote viewed via Client software by using the device IP address or by esee ID through their web server. I've been trying to remote access it for days and non my settings worked. Below are my questions: I'm trying to port-forward the DVR ports (HTTP, mobile and client software ports). I'm currently using 2 routers - the 1st router is for my local network (with wifi) and the other is from my ISP. Where will I configure the port forwarding? here are my settings that didn't work a. Port forwarding on my local router (w/wifi) and I set my DVR's IP to static since it requires specific device IP for port forwarding. I tried both forwarding specific ports and IP range. When I tried to access it using a different internet connection by accessing my internet connection's IP- the browser just repeatedly timed out. b. I disabled the port forwarding on my local router and do the forwarding on my ISP's router. I forwarded the ports through my ISP's router using the IP address of my local router (w/wi-fi) and it didn't worked. c. I configured the port forwarding on both routers -on the 1st router (w/wifi) I forwarded the DVR's ip and ports. on the 2nd router I forwarded the 1st router's IP and the DVR ports. - it didn't work. As of now I can view the DVR via local IP. need help on this please