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  1. Hello, Anybody any real experience with NUUO? We´ve overtaken an intallation with NUUO mainconsole Software installed on own Server. Ten 2megapixel IP camera´s are installed and native supported, can been seen on Server with Monitor, this works. It goes wrong when the Users want to Access the Video data from 5 different PC´s in the office through Internet Explorer / remote live Viewer also the Images Need to been on a second Monitor attached to the PC... On most PCs When they click the Viewer, IE crashes.... Anybody an idea what can be the reason for the IE Crash? We can always do a Milestone, if the Problem stays too Long, Thanks in advance for your Input!!
  2. Mattie

    Bosch DVR with SSD

    Thank you for your reply, appriciated!
  3. Go for it! Not sure if this model is native supported by QNAP nvr, but if not, ONVIF should do the trick. Also check for mobile viewing. Or take a look at this one; not sure for availability and pricing / compatibilty, but looks nice and small for homes.
  4. Couldn´t that happen to any IP cam, which is not correctly set-up / secured?
  5. what about wireless cube cams?
  6. Hello, Anybody experience with installing a standard SSD into a Bosch 4ch DVR advantage line? Thanks in advance
  7. Both **** expensive, worthless support and both their US resellers & distributors don´t know ****. Is it April already?