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  1. I purchased by first four Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I cameras from Costco (rebranded Swann units) for $350.00 a pair. But it wasn't long 'till the AliExpress siren sang her sorry song sorry song to me and it went like this: at $90.00 each, the AliExpress units were essentially 2-for-one when compared to the Costco units. So I was seduced and I ordered one DS-2CD2032-I unit from AliExpress as a test. It worked fine! So I ordered another two units from the same AliExpress seller; again no problema! So I ordered four units from the same seller and, once again, they functioned like champs! Thusly -- having NO FEAR -- I ventured forth unto the hinterlands and ordered three Hikvision DS-2CD2332-I cameras from the same AliExpress seller; opps! Big problems this time. After initial configuration each of these 3 cameras seemed to be caught in an endless reboot loop, where each camera would be fine for 4 or 5 minutes and then there would be unreachable...then each camera would come back online and seem to function perfectly..for 4 or 5 minutes. Each of these cameras arrived out of the box with firmware 5.2.8 (build 141201) installed and (although the serial numbers indicated that these were Chinese market cams) each camera allowed selection of English (along with many other languages) at the login screen. Yikes! Perhaps I was the victim of an ugly hack job? Henceforth consigned to a seemingly Sisyphean task by the Camera Gods I spent A LOT OF TIME trying to resolve these random reboots, yet despite many hours of labor I failed to make any progress. I GAVE UP. I had had it. Done, finuto, kaput. Dejected and forlorn I ultimately chose to pay CBX to install 5.2.5 firmware on each camera. I could have done it myself but I was sick of looking at those f#$%kin' cameras and I didn't want to take a chance that I might screw up one of the units...I didn't want to hassle with the seller...I just WANTED IT TO BE OVER. CBX logged on with Teamviewer and used PUTTY and TFTP utilities to install 5.2.5 over 5.2.8. As a result, installing 5.25 over 5.28 did the trick and I now have 3 fully functional DS-2CD2332-I cameras. But I learned a lesson: despite purchasing and receiving 7 fully functioning cameras from the same seller on AliExpress the last 3 were probably rendered defective by a bad firmware hack. But two-for-one? Hmmmmm. Errrrrrrrrrr. Urgh. I believe hear her singing that song again.
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    Blue Iris Software

    AMD A10-5800B APU benchmarks at 4,782. Intel Core i7-4770 @ 3.40GHz benchmarks at 9,904. https://www.cpubenchmark.net/high_end_cpus.html
  3. I got everything up to the point where you said you were a math guy!
  4. BSA, questions -- quite nearly identical to yours -- are posted here e v e r y s i n g l e d a y. In fact, there are probably hundreds of questions...each being very similar to yours. Would it not be better for you to start reading all of the answers to these hundreds of similar topics so that you might absorb all of the wisdom which has been posted to these topics (rather then settling for the few replies which your single question might provoke)
  5. I use Blue Iris, and although it is inexpensive ($50.00), it's CPU requirements are rather high. In addition, when you use a PC as an NVR you must leave it running 24x7.
  6. There is no daylight savings time offset in the firmware?
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    CCTV Solution for Heavy Equipment

    After a cursory review of his posts, it appears that George is not very good at sharing.
  8. This question has been asked hundreds of times this year. Why not read through the many topics which address your question so that you will receive all of the experience and all of the wisdom which has been posted to these many topics instead of settling for the 2 to 14 replies which your new topic will elicit?
  9. For a $500 budget, your requirements are unrealistic; $500.00 is going to buy you junk. Do you want to deter, or do you want to watch a grainy image of robbers stealing from you? If you want to deter, harden your residence and up your hardware budget to $2,000. All cameras do is record what is happening...they don't stop anyone. However, cameras can deter because thieves attack soft targets. Cameras can be a definite deterrence, but not if they are hard to see. In addition to a quality surveillance system you should harden all entries to the residence. Get a barky dog. Put up prominently displayed video surveillance signs. Post NRA stickers. Install motion activated lighting. You need to put a comprehensive security plan in place. IMO, all $500 is going to do is buy you a false sense of security and put you off guard.
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    Building a new house

    Break out the ol' post-hole digger and plant a post at the 328 foot mark, eh?
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    Building a new house

    I'm not a real expert...I only play one on this forum...but something like this may meet your requirements. http://www.amazon.com/Filled-Flooded-Direct-Ethernet-Cable/dp/B005EV2A4E/?tag=cc4m-20