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  1. As I see it there is 2 answers. The chip or the lens. Right now I'm testing a new (cheap, but real good) CMOS board camera. But I can't make it work with the existing 840nm IR light. When I switch lenses with another camera that works with the IR, I still get nothing. The logical answer to the question is: the chip. But how do I see it. Which specifications should I look for?
  2. Dane

    Greetings from Denmark.

    With a past in loss prevention - mainly internal theft - I have worked with CCTV. Mostly hidden off course. A B/W pinhole camera and a time lapse could normally do the trick. Sneaking in at night to switch tapes. It's amazing to see the technological development, and I'm trying to keep updated.
  3. Dane

    Sony Effio - no IR

    I bought this camera on Ali express. Great Camera. But suddenly the IR light was gone. I have tried almost everything in the OSD menu, but no IR lights. A reset didn't work either. The day/night is set to "Auto" and it changes to b/w when it darkens. But the IR lights simply don't activate. Any ideas before I shoot it? Greetings from Denmark