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  1. Fars666

    DVR loopout

    Hello everyone, Guys I need a suggestion. Well I have dahua DVR 4 CH loop out and basically I want split CH 1 loop out into two monitors. I found some very cheap BNC splitters "Y" but I also heard that splitting single bnc video output into 2 outputs is not a good idea... Because Video cable uses 75 ohm cable (and output stages), and If I gonna split the video signal into 2 monitors will i get 37.5 ohm on each of them? what would be the consequences. I really need to couple 1 loopout so Ill be able to watch it on 2 x monitors and each of them is installed in different room. Any suggestions would be great ! Thank you in advance !!!
  2. Fars666

    Coax cable GR59 vs RG6

    Got it thanks a lot guys !
  3. Guys does anyone have an expirience with using a flex shaft? Basically I just bought 76" flex shaft to drill the holes and snake in the cable however I have never used it before. Just was wondering if you have to attach something to the drill before attaching the actual flex shaft. Or it goes straight to the drill ? I also bought 46" extension. now I have line 100 " + in total.
  4. Hello there, I was wondering which cable is better for the camera use. I'm really looking to run 4 lines in my house 1x 78ft 1x65 ft 1x 95 ft and 1x 95ft. I'm seing some positive reviews on RG 6 cables but ... is that type of cable is sutable with BNC connectors male/female? My DVR has only BNC connectors and I don't wanna use any splitters.. Also I found this very convinient set coax + power. However the coax is made of RG59/U http://www.amazon.com/VideoSecu-Coaxial-Siamese-Security-Surveillance/dp/B001JKI7H8 Thank you in advance !
  5. Fars666

    good quality night vision cameras

    I see, I just bought 960H DVR and basically looking around for good cameras this is what i found so far but it's kinda pricey http://www.pcsurveillance.net/kpc-dne100nuv18-700tvl-horizontal-resolution-indoor-color-dome-camera/ Let me know what you think about it. Is that worth the money 170$? Specs below: 1/3" 960H SONY ExView Super HAD CCD II 700TVL Horizontal Resolution True Day & Night (ICR) W Built-in 30 IR LEDs Fast Shutter Speed (1/60 ~ 1/100,000 sec) 2D Digital Noise Reduction (2D DNR) Adaptive Tone-curve Reproduction (ATR) Back Light Compensation (BLC) Highlight Compensation (HLC) 8-Zone Privacy Masking 4-Zone Motion Detection Mirror /Brightness / Contrast / Sharpness / HUE/ Gain On Screen Display (OSD) Menu W/ Multi Language Support Supports DC 12V / AC 24V Power Supply Multi-Language OSD Monitor Output Terminal for Easy Servicing --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Fars666

    DAhua or WatchDog?

    That's very very helpfull thank you so much!
  7. Fars666

    DAhua or WatchDog?

    Guys I'm planning to get a new DVR system can't decide which one is better. They are priced in the same range... Please help me out. I'm also need loop out campability to being able connect separate monitors. Dahua Recording is listed at (30 fpt D1) but WatchDog is rated (120 ftp D1) - I'm not sure how true is that... I don't wanna any freezing lagging video when watching recorded video. 1. Dahua http://www.securitycameraking.com/4-channel-ultimate-series-h-58046-prd1.html 2. WatchDog http://www.amazon.com/DIGITAL-WATCHDOG-DW-VF8500G-PENTAPLEX-480FPS/dp/B006VS2K94 Or if you have any other suggestions I would appreciate it! I'm really looking for only 4CH DVR and my main concern is to play recorded video smoothly and being able to see everything in real time action like no freezing points what so ever.
  8. Fars666

    Picking a new DVR system

    I see but I'm afraid that NVR will totaly kill my network bandwith isn't it?
  9. wow. he has a new system already ??? and going IP will just make it harder than with what he has now. SD/SDI IN/OUT with DVI OUT Box is all that's needed at each monitor. Feed from SD camera goes to box loops out to DVR and box converts signal to DVI I see I gonna give up on SWANN DVR than because I have some time to return it. I found preally good Dahua DVR but it's 960H http://genivtechnology.com/products-one/category-two/G4-WD1-HBRPRO However, it has loop out ports .. I couldn't find any LCDs that would be compatible with loop out outputs Any suggestions on how to hook it up?
  10. Hi there, So i'm looking for 8-9-10 " loop out monitors. Could no find any monitors that would be supportable with loops out.
  11. Fars666

    Picking a new DVR system

    Well i got 4 x 8" lilliput monitors and basically I want to set up each channel induvidually on each monitor. I'm also wondering how to connect the coax input to HDMI =/
  12. Hello guys, I been looking for an inexpensive night vision camera to place in my backyard. I'm currently have DOM camera over there but when it gets dark I'm getting the black screen ... Do you know any good inexpensive cameras? Will 1080p SDI cameras support 960 H - DVR? or should I get 960H 720TVL cameras for that DVR?
  13. Hi everybody, I'm stuck with my DVR which is Swann 4 Channel 1080p HD SDI Security System with 2TB Hard Drive and 4 1080p HD Cameras. The question is how to hook up each channel to a single monitor and place it behind the door. btw I was suprised with the quality of video this thing does a really good job! compared to lorex HD it's 3x better. Back to my question, I want to install 4 x 13" inches monitors and set each channel to play real time video on each of the monitors, is that even possible?
  14. Fars666

    Picking a new DVR system

    Hello everybody, So basically I'm looking for a good reliable DVR & 4 cameras that will produce high quality video "1080p" in price range of 500$-1100$.I'm expecting very good real time video with no freezing what so ever just straight real time video. The most important part is a playback - I want to have full HD playback as well. Please advise.. Guys can anybody suggest a good reliable DVR with loop out (outputs)? Since nobody replied I would take anything that is "loop out" supportable however with a high video quality.