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  1. freeidea

    Protect hdd

    Hello, I have a dahua nvr with 12 ip camera,and every few mounth, the hdd fail and start biping ,and a message " no disc " appear on screen,i need help to choose the best hdd quality to support that trafic,and work more,i used sata samsung and sagate and all are stoping juste a few time of working...some ideas friends.thank
  2. hello all , i have a owsoo NVR with a single ethernet port not POE,and i try to connect 2 ip cam first Dlink DCS 920 connected in dhcp mode to my router with nvr but no succes when searching the second camera is found by nvr as TS4001 and show already connected but no video ,i try all setting like disabling P2P,UPNP ,external port without succes. my question what type of ipcam that new NVR can accept?
  3. hello all i have a dvr h264 camera with caracterstique: model AHD 6604T-LMS system : PAL NTSC and 4 cameras Hikvision Turbo hd 720P: model DS-2CE56C0T-IRP 720P hd video output HDTVI technologie indoor turret camera i need to know why they don't work with thw DVR above? i connected them with RCA cable in tv input ,and seem problem no video? what can be the issue pleaz?
  4. hello friend can i connect my analog camera bnc output to a ethernet nvr input throuth a balon adapter
  5. BradJackson Just a quick question did you have the mouse plugged in before you powered the DVR up? yes i tested this but no succes just i will respond you when i plug a HDD
  6. thank,i have one usb port,and i try many mouses,but i see that hdd not existe is the issue.
  7. hello, i have a air space dvr DS 7008,and when i connect mouse,the cursor appear but not moving!i try many usb mouse but no succes. i need help please. can i insert a new hdd with linux system to solve driver mouse?
  8. hello, i have a air space dvr DS 7008,and when i connect mouse,the cursor appear but not moving,and the seem thing for my keyboard there s a missing driver because my hdd is not inserted,i use only a flash disc as default media storage? i need help please. i haven't admin access ,it can be the problem of disfunction of mouse?
  9. hello ,my system countain a CPU pelco , 2 matrix pelco and pelco keyboard.i bought a dome camera samsung pelco-D .and i tryed to set it to be adapted controled by a Pelco Keyboard CM9760-KBD.I have already 5 Pelco dome camera programed and worked fine. the default adress for the dome samsung is id 008. my question is:it is necessary to program it with CPU or just plug it directly in ethernet input of CPU
  10. i have a system video survey,this system contain multiplexorsconected with, and 3 keyboards Control camers domes, the problem encountred is i m losing floppies disk that program CPU SERVER throught dos console ,i try to rename some cameras but no floppy, can someone give me a solution to find a standard console using command to rename cameras,via dos or other solutions? this is my schema