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  1. RE: USe http://sony-vegas.softonic.com/ one of the best video editors, Divx also installs code to compress the video output Combinations this two products is the best results. Sorry for my english #1 Don't worry about your English, at least you know more languages than I do #2 Thanks for your suggestion, I found it on the internet, but at $600 it is way out of my price range and I'd expect far more than I need to do what I desire. Thanks again for the suggestion.
  2. I would like to save some of my Q-See video. O-see output is a .AVI file. Most times the file will have only 1/4 of what I want and 3/4 junk. I would like to find a 'simple' (maybe free) AVI editor to cut and paste. I have been able to cut and paste with my Video editor, but the file size grows to 5 or 10 time the start size. Matter of fact, using the Video edit software I have any editing I do upscales the avi file to size that is of little to no use. as an example (but not accurate #'s) I start with a 10 min AVI file that is 5 meg I edit it to 1 min and save as a avi and the file size grows to 10 meg As a side question, can files from multiple cameras at multiple frame rates be combined 'easily' into one video file. Thanks for any suggestions on this.