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  1. headache101

    Port Forwarding is supposed to be simple

    I think you're on the right track wireguys. I figured it out and it was simple. The problem was in the DVR settings. I was reading that the gateway settings in the DVR had to be the same as the router. I had the gateway set to the routers EXTERNAL gateway address that my ISP gave me I changed it to the routers internal gateway address and all is working! Woo Hoo I knew it was something simple. The Asus router I took back was probably good. Oh well, this router is plenty fast. Thanks a million guys for all your help!!
  2. headache101

    Port Forwarding is supposed to be simple

    Sorry I typed that wrong. DNS1 is actually Those DNS addresses are what my ISP provided to me.
  3. I don't get it. I've searched and tried everything I can think of or find on the internet. I upgraded my internet service to a faster package and requested a static IP to simplify things(not). It's a wireless setup since I live in the country. There is no modem involved. Just an antennea on the roof and a cat5 cable from the ant that plugs into a power adapter for the antennea, then it plugs into the Router. At the time of the service upgrade the old router linksys WRT54G2 wouldn't accept the static IP changes so I bought an Asus RT-N66U router. i called my ISP and they said there are no firewalls or blocked ports on their end. They said they have numerous customers running security cams just fine. Router: Asus RT-N66U and trying to access a Swann DVR4-2400 security camera DVR. I couldn't get access with the Asus so I took it back and bought a Netgear R6250 and still having the same problems. I can access/view the DVR cameras from my iPhone(with Swann View app) when the phone is connected wirelessly to the router(inside my LAN) and have the DVR IP address entered in the Swann View app. When I turn off WiFi on the phone and go through AT&T 4G(outside the LAN) I can't access the DVR whether I have the DVR or the routers static IP in the swann view settings on the iphone. In the router settings for port forwarding, I have seperate entries all with the static IP of the DVR except each entry has a different port as set up in the DVR which is Mobile port 18004, Web port 85, Media port 9000. The router firewall is also disabled. When I use an online port checker it shows the ports as closed. It seems like port forwarding isn't working yet when the phone is connected to wifi(inside LAN) and the DVR static IP is entered in phone Swann View settings with port forwarding, I can see the cameras, if I leave it as is but disable port forwarding then I can't view the cams. This would lead you to believe the forwarding is working??? I know the DVR works because before the upgrade I used dyndns.com when I had a dynamic IP and it all worked but it was off and on all the time. Sometimes it worked, more often it didn't. I thought going static would make this more reliable. The current DVR settings are as follows: Static IP: 192.168.001.XXX Netmask Gateway: DNS1: DNS2: Moble Port: 18004 Media Port: 9000 Web Port: 85 I have the router setup for my static IP and UPnP enabled and I have internet access just fine. I also tried entering the DVR IP address in the DMZ settings and that didn't work either. Every time I make any changes in the router I click apply and reboot the router. Any ideas of what else to try? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.